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  • I may know him as I went to comp school in bodmin! Yeah cool well if a geek meet can be organised i think that would be great xxx
    I am in wadebridge, im mobile in and around the wadebridge area. Im kind of the only tech in the village where I am from lol as its so small. I also do hair cuts and colours along with my nails. Maby one day there should be a cornish geek meet and everyone could meet up and swap ideas xxx
    LOL!!! It sure is a Piskey!!! No Sandi, no nothing down here!!!

    How's you my lovely? Got everything crossed for you coming back at the end of the month. One of Kelly's bridesmaids is coming from Australia so I'm getting a bit concerned....bloomin' volcano!!!! xxx
    pmsl @ no celebs in Cornwall :lol: awww bless you ickle piskies with no celebs :hug:

    (Cornish Piskies is the right word isn't it? I seem to remember it from 25-30 yrs ago when we lived in Cornwall lol)
    PMSL!!!! I did!!!! Probably for the fact that nothing was open!!! LOL!!!! I see you got back to sunny Spain ok.

    Do you like my name change?!!! xxxx
    Hey honey....just seen you are coming to the Event! It'll be great to see you and catch up! xx
    Hello there,

    I've been scouring the site for any mention of a decent place to get my toenails sorted out (bit stained from years of dark polish and one of the big ones has broken quite short) in the Cornwall/Plymouth area, and I saw that you're from around here!

    Would you be able to recommend anywhere in southeast Cornwall or Plymouth? I'd like a decent technician, preferably one who speaks fluent English (nothing against the Chinese shops but I want to be sure I'm getting what I ask for!) and isn't too expensive.

    Also, would it be more appropriate to get gel or acrylic? Obviously it's not length I'm after, more a natural look with a very small white tip (I don't mind if this is painted on rather than one of those actual tips that is cut down).

    Any guidance would be gratefully received, thanks!

    Katie x x
    Hey you! Talk about London buses and all that! Hope to be about more from tomoz when I hope to have an internet connection up and running in my new house! xxx
    OH, hi, i live in plymouth, do you have your own salon, i am just about to do mobile around my own day job, i work at derriford in theatre x
    Hi Nikki
    I wondered where you were in Cornwall as I would love a fellow geek to do my nails rather than a salon. To make it easier Im in Hayle and have almost finished my first nail course, first of many i expect.
    If your local and up for a challenge (I bite my natural nails!) pl pm me, if you dont fancy it, no worries.
    Anthea x
    Oh my goodness, how long since I've been on the site?!!!! Just found this msg from March!!!!Yes been hiding good and proper and will tell all one day but the last year has been terrible! Going to explore all the new bits on the site, lots of hugs xxxxxxxx
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