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    myscara mystery

    Hi, The wipes could have started causing the product to break down, depending on what was in them. If there was any oil present then there's the answer. The product will soften therefore the lashes would 'clump' together and over a period of time the product will come off. You only put 2...
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    Myscara & Cluster Lashes

    The problem with doing any lashes over MYscara is the removal. You would have to get them off using a removal product, this in turn would break down the MYscara. So not really recommended :D HTH's
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    Myscara...have you had this happen to you.

    Hello, mjs can I ask how many layers you have put on? If you have over layered the eyelashes can feel 'stiff'. This in turn can make the eyes feel tender...or as the lady said bruised. Did you put the MYscara too close to the eye lid? It needs to be a millimetre or 2 above the lash line...
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    Buying glitter

    Have you tried Glitz Glitter, they do 10gm pots HTH's
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    Which files to buy CND or cheaper Equivalent

    I have to say I have tried all sorts of different files but I've given up now :) I think you get what you pay for and I always, always go back to CND for my files....I cannot live without my Hotshot :lol:
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    Teaching with NO qualification

    I agree too!!! I am just at the end of my PTLLS course....this gives the basic's of teaching. I did this off of my own back because teaching is something I've always wanted to do but didn't know how to get started. Once I have completed my PTLLS I can then, if I choose, go down the CTLLS or...
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    Nail art - Jading

    It did bring up many issues. There were ladies there who were so knowledgable but couldn't get past theses GOLA test and ended up after the third time of failing them doing written tests instead. It was a crazy situation because the tutors couldn't really help them and the wording on some of...
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    Nail art - Jading

    Marian when I did my Level 3 (Beauty) last year it was GOLA testing (online). Our tutors were not allowed to take to exams to see how it worked and they were given answer guildlines for the questions. This meant the tutors didn't see the exam questions AT ALL :eek: It brought up quite a few...
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    My son lives in Bodmin :-) I work from home. Used to have a salon but had to give it up for...

    My son lives in Bodmin :-) I work from home. Used to have a salon but had to give it up for various reasons!!! Yeah it would be great if the 'Cornish Geeks' did get together. xxx
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    Hi Sarah, I'm based in Camborne. Where are you? xx

    Hi Sarah, I'm based in Camborne. Where are you? xx
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    Remembering where you came from

    This is a great thread Jen :hug: I don't remember my first thread but I know I spent hours and hours and hours on here when I first decided to 'do something' with the qualification that I had. I was in awe of so many people on here, many of whom I have been lucky enough to meet and can call...
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    Total beauty exhibition london

    That was the BEST!!! :lol::lol: We had such a fun time on that stand didn't we.....I'm up for doing another one Sam???!!!!! :smack: Cannot wait for the Geek Meet....picnic at the ready :eek: :hug: xxxx
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    To start college level 3 or not?

    You say you would lose £50 a week, I did NVQ level 3 last year and because it was my 1st level 3 course I received £30 per week EMA :) That may be worth looking into. I didn't enjoy going back to studying in a college environment but at the end of the day I figured it was 9 months of my life...
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    Comment by 'The Beauty Zoo' in media 'Gelish Simply Sheer with Waterfield over the top.'

    I love Waterfield....seem to be putting it over everything!!! LOL!!! xx
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    Shellac is the base coat crucial?

    You should be using 2 coats of colour with both systems :) HTH's and good luck :hug: