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  • HEEEEETTTTTHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :lol: mwahahahahah forgot about this too Miss you xxxxxxx :hug:
    hey chuck!! howz u?? hope you got some serious power napping done to catch up on the old Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.. I had a gr8 wknd - sooooo glad I went!!!
    C u soon!! x x
    Hi Heather Kirsty has managed to get your boots so what I will do is when I know what Fiona is doing either post them of give them to her xx
    Hi Heather I have been working all day I got your message I will call you tomorrow morning before my first client x
    Hiya hun, nice to see you today. I wasn't much able to string a sentance together when i saw you hehe. Anyway,thats it over till the results are in. Fingers crossed, not mega confident though. My mind went to mush. Hope ur feelin better ;o)
    Forgot to give you that brush too, will sort everything on Tuesday with you xx
    Take care xx
    Fingertips is moving?! I missed that one lol. Well....we have some exciting news as well!!! We've finally got a wee tiny salon!! I mean super small but in a great location!! Finally our colour & effects salon stand can be put to good use!! ha ha
    Hey there, soz for late reply.
    How are ya? Studying going ok, tryin to get my brain into gear again but I'm lovin the masters! New shop looks ace, got carried away with the time yesterday but really enjoyed that. Haven't had a chance to look at the other colours we got but can't wait. Thank you Heather xxx
    We are soooo exhausted. We may not eat tomorrow night, he's going to be very busy again tomorrow. Maybe you'll have to cook, lol!
    What u doing tellin peeps we'll be in by Sunday?????????????????? Lol, lol, lol!!!! Guess we're ALL working overtime then? So what we doing when, where and why? My head's mince...we've been talking ceilings, lights, skirting boards, etc, all night!!!
    Love you honey x
    aw wow! why lol? I was in at Fabulous in seafield today, i start next thursday doing a thurs and fri :) x
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