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  • Hi
    I am a new salon geek and need some wella colour advice.
    On the secondary number scale ie 9/60 when do the colours enhance and when correct tones. also, I am doing a ladies colour on tues. she is a base 7 with 50 % dark grey at the back and a pure white on the top. She has it coloured to a 12/0 all over. I would like to add some lowlights and a blonde. Please advise on colours you would recommend. Please help
    I have just spent 3 hours doing a lady's hair with micro rings. I used l&k hair.
    She was happy when I left. She also signed a disclaimer to say she was happy.
    Two days later she is demanding a full refund due to the hair not being European. She feels it is dry. She is threatening court action and being very hostile. And threatening to bad mouth my company.
    I am being to the point and professional with her. I have offered her a refund if she returns the hair to me within 7 days ( minus the deposit )so I can inspect it and return it to the supplier.
    I have also offered a complimentary refit and removal instead. She is adamant for a full refund without even returning the hair. And she is threatening to ( in her words ) ruin my business by going to the papers.
    I'm really upset and I don't know what to do. I feel I've met my legal and customer service obligation to her.

    Any advice greatly received

    Many thanks. .
    I'm starting out in hair extensions and I have had some difficult clients. All demanding refunds. Any advice greatly received.
    Hi, I'm a newly qualified semi permanent eyelash technician and would love to speak with others who offer the same treatment to discuss best products, marketing techniques and general hints and tips :) also I am thinking of doing shrinking violet course if any one has any information regarding this, would be greatly appreciated xxx
    Hello I,m new and a bit nervous, but good to be here.
    Great site though wish I had found it years ago.
    Thank you for putting the new shellac colours and additives on tonight. Off to bed very happy and no need to get up early. I'm a happy bunny :)
    Hi, I've just joined Salon Geek. On a mission to find a new Beauty Room to rent in the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire area. I'm currently based in Windsor with an established client base. Can anyone help? Natasha
    Hi new here I'm a hairdresser from Scotland and I'm currently expanding my my skills to offer more to my clients iv just bought the maximist xl pro with free solution and a tent from xen tan only to find the same machine with a tent for 100 quid cheaper just my luck I was wondering who would be best to book my course with as iv heard the trainings very important to how good u are and also have I made the right choice with the machine I bought I really outta done all this first but I was so excited lol I dived right in :/
    Hi there can anyone help me here, I have recently completed a marvalash eyelash extension course and I am finding the glue not good to work with, I need a quick drying and quick bonding odour free glue! I have tried locating flirty glue but I cannot find! Please can anyone help or advice me .
    Hello I'm new to Solon geek but heard good things about it
    Want to let everyone know there IS a expert Brazilian waxer here in Ashford Kent
    Trained with Kim lawless and worked with THE FAB NKD wax boutique in Nottingham
    I'm in a quiet road free parking open late nights every night
    Good to be on here !
    Hi!! I'm a newbie on here but have been a qualified therapist for 5 years. I now have a home based salon and am looking to expand my range of treatments and am thinking about laser hair removal. Do you need to be medically qualified or are beauty qualifications enough? Is there a particular brand or supplier/trainer that stands out from the rest? Who has a good reputation in this field? I appreciate there will be a large outlay to begin with but I think this will be a good investment as clients are looking more and more for permanent results. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!! X
    Him new to salon geek I've just don't a spray tan course and looking for more tips on how to stop the patches or what's best way to spray a bigger lady
    Hi I am brand new to the forum and have a colour correction question I need advice with. Can I ask it in here or is it better to ask somewhere else on the forum?
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