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    Newbie advice needed please!

    Shellac is more expensive per application. Compared against the cheapest brand, it’s up to about £1 more per application. Keep that in context though. If it saves you more than a couple of minutes(your most expensive cost) and/or a file (that many brands require to remove/debunk) and/or it...
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    Lash extension course Essex Suffolk area

    Is there a specific brand you are interested in? Or just general training? Justine Crick in Essex does Lashus Lift courses as Does Jeni Smith in Cambridgeshire. Lashus just launched extentions and they will be doing courses at those locations in the new year. Good luck on your search. HTHs!
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    Newbie advice needed please!

    Oh, and most brands do provide brand specific training. Whatever brands you do go with, make sure you pair it with their training which is often much better and specific for the brand than generic training.
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    Newbie advice needed please!

    You can never learn too much and if you’re serious about doing more than just “colouring nails” (and it sounds like you are!) I would strongly suggest a manicure course! I would also strongly suggest Doug Schoon’s book! Many brands are out there, but I dare say none as as recognised as...
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    Gelish problems

    I don’t use gelish, but that doesn’t sound right to me. What is the reason for putting structure on top of colour? I would advise reaching out to the distributor or manufacturer here is also an older thread on similar issues...
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    Opening beauty clinic in London, monthly expenses/outgoings advice

    Just wanted to high five this entire comment.
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    Thin nails folding on themselves during soak off

    I would t say it is doing wonders for the nail, but I would t go as far as saying it’s making things worse. It’s tough to say for sure what you should charge for the overlay, however my approach would be: my customer is paying me NOT to put a colour on their nails, it to protect and nurture...
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    Can’t find any legit salons - Connecticut USA

    Plenty of state regulated salons still used MMA. And most of the world is not regulated for nails. What it sounds like you need is a professional who values your nails more than you do. You can find people like this in budget salons and in expensive salons (just as the inverse is true). My...
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    Thin nails folding on themselves during soak off

    The nails are absorbing the acetone and becoming very flexible. Much like a sponge gets floppy when drenched, then hard when it dries out. The overlay should be done with hard gel to protect the natural nail, it won’t affect her gel polish services. Good luck!
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    Thin nails folding on themselves during soak off

    I would suggest never using anything more abrasive than a 180 on the nail. Doing so quickly removes to top few, denser layers of the nail which gives strength and support to the nail. Are her nails naturally this thin? I would strongly encourage a thin, hard gel overlay to protect the natural...
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    Air bubbles in my acrylic

    One bead method is a common contributor to bubbles caused by shrinkage. Most bubbles are caused by shrinkage, the larger the bead, the more the physical shrinkage during cure. Smaller, more controlled beads can help, but if your mix is too wet, any size bead will show bubbles! Hope this helps
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    INK London nails not curing properly

    Curing longer should be less likely to cause an issue (as long as you are using manufacturers lamp). Applying too thick can contribute to under cure of any light cured product Have you tried applying thinner and trying different colours? If light is emitting, it less likely to be a faulty lamp.
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    You may want to post this in the Skin forum to get more responses. This is just your profile so...

    You may want to post this in the Skin forum to get more responses. This is just your profile so less visible.
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    Advice for Shellac, please

    Flakes? Is this from the removal process? Cleaning up, orange wood stick works great for me, but try to avoid skin exposure if possible. And no, Shellac doesn't require buffing the natural nail. Hope that helps!
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    Gel polish brands?

    The most important way to prevent problems is education. Whatever brand you choose, look into the education and support they have to offer. Otherwise you may not maximise your investment. Best of luck!