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  • The thread about In-House training has got me thinking. I'm still a newbie to the industry and was wondering...

    I'm qualified in treatment types e.g. facials, massage. If I were to get in-house training for the branded treatment e.g. Elemis facials. Will this cover me or will I still need to do the official brand training?

    Does body brushing, masks & warps need a formal qualification/training?

    I hope this makes sense.
    hi can u pl give me the quote for me as a salon owner and two employee an what documents do u need for this
    You deserved it and thanks for the comment, as it seems that some people are just after stirring things up rather than giving advice for the others :O))
    Hi,i am currently qualified in Hollywood semi permanent lash extensions and i am covered by yourselve's...Do i need a seperate certificate to carry out individual lashes(cluster) in order to be covered by my insurance?
    Hi I need to get insured and not sure where to go yet, I was told the Guild is really good so here I am. I am mobile in beauty and rent a room one day a week. I am starting to do electrolysis soon and carry out most aspects of beauty therapy. Could you let me know a price please or if you could point me in the right direction that would be really appreciated, thanks in advance. Sarah xx
    Hiya, I have guild nail tech cover, can i do childrens parties? I just want to do a bit on nail care and a bit of nail art. If you can't answer can you please point me in the right direction? Many Thanks xXx
    there seperate qualifications,but im studying my level 2 beauty so unsure how i would stand on insurance and would i be able to carry out my level 2 treatments on clients if i were to go mobile?
    hi hun i'm unsure what type of cover i would need when i come to carrying out treatments...ive got my hairdressing,massage,tanning,hopi ear candle,hot stone,gel nails but im currently training for my level 2 which will finish in july,how would i go about carrying out level 2 treatments if i were to go mobile,would i have to get a student insurance? x
    I am interested in waivers/disclaimers or even just a signed questionaire. My question is, hyperthetically, 'Even if you had these documents, did everything by the book and were taken to court for what ever reason, is it worth the paper its written on?'
    hi, im thinking of doing a beauty specialist diploma through the scottish therapy academy nd it says they are accredited with you. is it enough to allow me to get insurance? also, am i likely to get employment in a salon with this even though its a fast track course?
    Hello - thanks for your message... Can you suggest anywhere for me to 'train to train'?? I will need to do this now I think as taking on more staff. Many thanks.Helen
    Just approved your 'submit news' thread and moved it to News so it's on the home page and everyone who logs on will see it :)
    Hi can you tell me how much insurance will be for me i am already trained in acrylics and gel nails.. and im now a beauty student studying nvq 2.. any help would be great. Thanks
    Hi there

    Ive recently trained in Glam Lash extensions. I got my insurance certificate/policy from the Guild this morning and when i looked through it i can't see Eyelash Extensions on it anywhere. It has Eyelash Curling, Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting and Eye treatments. Is it the Eye Treatments that covers Eyelash Extensions?

    Thanks x
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