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  • Hi janet,
    I agree there is a lot of hype with these gels, lovely that they are. I keep holding off too. Thanks on your views and i think in will continue with akzentz. much appreciated. Victoria
    sorry i meant the akzentz options line. I have used them to do just the tips but when applying them as you would nail varnish without tips they look a little thick, i seem to get a bump at the free edge, only slight. As this is what the clients seem to want more of, i didn't now if this is how they were or to get my application thinner. I was going to start using gelish but i really do like akzentz and on looking at some photos on here gelish shrinks back a bit also. thanks for your reply your nails look fab.
    I can see its silver now you said, they do look lovely. Im quite new to akzentz and have to say loving it. Can i ask, do you do the coloured gels as they do with these new polish style gels. I havn't really ventured with this yet. I have a few of their colours to apply like nail varnish, but am not sure? I think a need to thin my application of them. If you do them, how do you find them and how do they last? thanks for your last reply
    The pictures that you have around your photos are really nice are they something you make or is there some where could I get them from.
    Thank you
    Hullo nail fairy are u still in edmonton? I apologize for 'dropping off the map" do to speak but life has a funny way of getting in the way!! My cell phone is 780-288-8093. I am currently working in St Albert and would love to meet for coffee one day.
    Great piccys could i ask what programme you use for the backgrounds on your piccys as it really sets them off.
    Thanks for a quick answer!
    If you do colour over the buff off gel how many coats would you use to get a solid colour? ie. so no smile line shows through?
    Also, do you use Modeling or Builder gel to sculpt, do either self level at all?
    I was thinking of buying one and not sure what to get/
    Thank you XX
    You album pics are beautiful. I was looking at Akzentz and found you. I am trying to find a buff off gel that does everything, colours, glitters as well as french. I noticed one of your pics is a custom blend and now I am going to have to try some Akzents!
    I have used the Options soak off but was not impressed as it lifted, how do you find the buff off?
    I think I am going to have to visit the craft stores again- I havent been for a while x x x Just hope they are here in the UK too.
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