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  • i do remember that! funny someone said about my hair when it was that colour just a couple of days ago!! Have a nice day and i will see you later xx
    Hey! i noticed you were online! how has today been? still might pop up tomorrow to say hello i havent seen you since you cut my hair and it almost needs doing again! it defo needs a colour put on it! love ya xxx
    HI!!! Hoping ive done it right now lol Had a few bookings over the last few days seems to picking up again!! WOOP WOOP i was beginning to get worried and down-hearted about everything I NEED to come see you soon - what about over the weekend or are you busy? xx
    Of course! Leave it until after Monday as I'll be training in Dublin for the next few days and I don't want to run up your phone bill by calling me there. 07739 832 328. Kim xx
    I like your way of posting,it is direct and to the point,i like people that call a spade a spade,lol xx
    To be honest I only have the cheap college training products to compare with! However I have found CND L+P the best after having some very bad experiance's with other products so I have no doubt that they are!
    Hello, Sophie is lovely! Hope you get a great hair cut that you love...I'm still on the hunt for a shop so if you hear of anything let me know!
    Hi Im sorry to hear your shop has fallen through. Thank you for the recommendations regarding the hairdressers, I think I will try the Norwich Road one as easier to park x
    Hi Sandii, The shop I was neg on has fallen through:( unfortunatly. I am concentrating on building up my nail clients at the moment so am not taking on any more hair clients at the moment.
    I know two fantastic hairdressers both in Ipswich tho...Lyndsey @ Fusion 08 which is on Tacket Street in Town and Sophie @ Robinsons hair and beauty on Norwich Road which is Proberbly easier for to get to coming from Stowmarket and has parking too!
    Hi there I noticed you are from Ipswich...Im actually nearer to Stowmarket than Ipswich. Have u opened your salon yet as Im looking for a hairdresser
    Hi, thought I would send you a friend request, it would be nice to see how we both get on being in the same position :) xx
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