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    Thanks for getting back to me i was going to do my course through wow factor as the do the triaing for it

    I would like to start male waxing can you tell me how i start off please

    Austin x
    Ooh so I am honoured, thank you! Erm, don't know regarding how many I can see, there were some there that have now gone, I think someone said you can only see the last 5 and that I'd missed some. x
    Hi Jason

    Just found out about the reps in settings *duh* and seen yours from 25/12 so thank you for that.x
    "W"ith "R"egards "T"o. apologies. Computer geek hangover (blushes). Put the kids out to work over Christmas is what I say! Something useful to nature or society!!!! Giggles! I'm mostly full in Jan thanks. Send 'em in for Feb though - that's my quietest. Best for 2011 x
    Firstly, WRT?? I've been racking my brains to think what that is but i fear with xmas alcohol my brain is a little sozzled! I'm a bit bah humbug when it comes to the festive season to be honest, can't wait til 1st january so my tree can come down. It only goes up because the kids keep asking, they're the only reason why it's so enjoyable. Hope you're busy in January and would love to know what the phone call consisted of ;-) x
    Hi Jason

    very strangely quiet since my question was posted to the journalist definitely!! Hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to new year x
    Hi Jason, just wondered how the bus ad has gone down? Also where you class as smart on line ads please? Hope you have got sorted now after the fire, you were an inspiration to many through it all. Karen xx
    Hi Jason, Thanks for your welcome message, I only just noticed it was there... This place seems a great forum.. and covers most of our day to day stuff.. Best for now.. Jack
    Fabulous news! You are always so upbeat J. I take my hat off to you. Aha September born - and on the 11th. That makes you a confident BUT fussy Virgo...:))) I am a Libran. Keep that chin up. xxx
    Hi J, how are things progressing with you guys at the moment? Hope you are still in that positive spirit. xx
    Not at all god knows ye deserve a bit of loving and car at these times, glad to hear you so positive, keep us posted, thanks for the friend ad
    Hi Jason, thank you for your nice reply on the site! I did feel like the cat who had got the cream. I really don't have a problem with mens privates, I just see it as skin. I would really like to get myself known up in the north west as the butt queen:) Hope you have good day Dawn x
    How are things going Jason? Are you getting forward with setting up again? I have been thinking about you and taking stock of your plight... I can't imagin how you must have felt. Let me know if I can be of any help. Sending you love and hugs. xxx
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