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    DND Gel

    I think Gelish and OPI have their lamp also but that's simply not enough. They must prove their their lamps cure their gels to at least 90% for all of their gels. I have not seen convincing evidence for this other than CND. Most of these other brands are most likely only curing to 50%, which is...
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    DND Gel

    Thats the risk they have to take if they want to get their nails done. And really its the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure their products cure properly. Nail techs are very powerless in what they can do in regards to allergies for the client. Based on my research, only CND has...
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    DND Gel

    I worked for a couple of shops that used DND. 1. They're very cheap. 2. They work very well. 3. They may give you an allergic reaction if you don't wear nitrile gloves. Are they the highest quality gels? No. But they do last around 2 weeks. With gels like these, they don't have their own...
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    What is the best LED/UV lamp?

    Its hard to say which is best. But in general the lamp of that gel brand is best to cure the gel properly. In the real world, different lamps are used to cure different gels. So what I do is I buy the CND LED lamp. Based on my research, I have more confidence in this lamp's curing ability to be...
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    Acetone going “bad”

    It could also depend on if the acetone is non professional because non pro seems to be weaker than pro. It could also be due to removal technique ie not filing it down enough, leaving too thick of a gel layer. Some gels may be harder to remove than others.
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    CND - now an at home nail system

    I guess you can order if off walmart now, lol. I dont think cnd sells directly to walmart though. But you shouldn't worry too much. Nothing can beat getting your nails done at a salon by a tech.
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    Shellac application

    Shellac is a little bit weaker compared to other gels because its a polish/gel hybrid, but other gels can be just as weak due to other factors. You usually get chipping with shellac after a week. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
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    Allergies can develop in days, weeks, or years. It could be that a certain chemical inside their product was strong enough to cause acute allergy.
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    CND - now an at home nail system

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    Newly qualified nail tech looking for brand reviews!

    The best way to find out is to get hands on experiences with the different brands. Its too hard to make a recommendation in words.
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    Bad at nails!

    I want to give you an example of my career so that you can understand yourself a little bit better. Im not trying to make this about myself. Ive been doing nails since I was 22. Im 30 now. I do it off and on. To this very day im not very good and Ive practiced a lot. I can't get the shape to...
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    I hate my CND lamp, am I the only one?

    CND Came out with a new lamp. It addresses most of the issues of the old one.
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    I would like to personally apologize to all the longtime members here for any personal insults that I have given out. Looking back now I was being immature and very disrespectful on some post. Again I apologize. But what I will not do is apologize for any information regarding nail products...
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    Promotion ideas?

    Promotions don't really work from what I've seen. The best way to gain and build clients is to keep the ones that comes in. You do that by doing good work and understanding what the clients need. Another thing is that nails is kinda seasonal. If you don't build up a clientele with acrylics or...
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    Who is this Tuan. Ive never heard of him. He sounds like a cool guy. Jk yea it me. But its also equally infuriating that you guys don't understand the points that im trying to get across. lol