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    Bad at nails!

    I want to give you an example of my career so that you can understand yourself a little bit better. Im not trying to make this about myself. Ive been doing nails since I was 22. Im 30 now. I do it off and on. To this very day im not very good and Ive practiced a lot. I can't get the shape to...
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    I hate my CND lamp, am I the only one?

    CND Came out with a new lamp. It addresses most of the issues of the old one.
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    I would like to personally apologize to all the longtime members here for any personal insults that I have given out. Looking back now I was being immature and very disrespectful on some post. Again I apologize. But what I will not do is apologize for any information regarding nail products...
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    Promotion ideas?

    Promotions don't really work from what I've seen. The best way to gain and build clients is to keep the ones that comes in. You do that by doing good work and understanding what the clients need. Another thing is that nails is kinda seasonal. If you don't build up a clientele with acrylics or...
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    Who is this Tuan. Ive never heard of him. He sounds like a cool guy. Jk yea it me. But its also equally infuriating that you guys don't understand the points that im trying to get across. lol
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    Whooptie doo. One tech out of many thousands around the world who will never get on this forum. The issue runs much deeper than you think. Even if you buy the right lamp for the right gel, there's no guarantee that its curing the gel properly. I will even prove it to you. OPI - this is one of...
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    It might be that the gloves you were using were too thin. You want nitrile gloves that are aroun 5-7 mils thick.
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    I agree with almost everything you said except for point 3. In short, techs should stick to well known brands and take proper precautions to protect themselves and clients. But the problem I see is this - techs want to save the most money and get good results. A lot of non "professional" is...
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    1. What exactly makes a gel polish "professional"? Is it because you need a license to buy it? Its not like there is a standard the brand must meet to be considered "professional". Needing a license doesn't make it "professional". 2. Many products are doing away with HEMA. But thats not the...
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    Whats wrong with the Chinese non pro brands? Also what inaccurate info did I say?
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    The criteria for me when I look at gel polishes is: 1. Must be easily available and in stock 2. Last at least 1-2 weeks.
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    Best LED lamp please? Mine has died & don't know where to start

    The CND lamp always get my vote.
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    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    I recommend one universal lamp and that is the CND lamp. But that lamps needs to be replaced once a year if you constantly use it everyday.
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    I need some help

    You don't have excess cuticles. And cuticles help protect your nails from germs. So its ok to keep if if you don't wear enhancements. Try to wear nitrile gloves if you work with your hands a lot.
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    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    But this discussion was also about "universal lamps". A universal lamp doesn't exist but it does to a nail tech because they use it universally. So the Brisa gel isn't the same as hard gel, but you are still curing the gel - the same thing youre doing with other lamps.