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  • Hey darling.. I'm having a mare finding a good hair extension supplier.. I use routes and hairplanet which are ok but don't stock colours for long, everytime I go to order the colours I want aren't on stock xx I would really appreciate if you could help xx
    Zoie, the poster you’ve quoted hasn’t visited Salon Geek since 2015. Why don’t you create a new thread with your question instead?
    Zoie sharp
    Zoie sharp
    Ok will do thank you x
    Hi there, i hope you dont mind me getting in touch, i am a hair extensionist in Ireland.
    Ive been trained in the application of extensions for just over a year now.
    I was hoping you might not mind advising me on where i could source uk hair that i can get in a good range of lengths and colours??
    Ive tried a number of suppliers now and canr seem to get a reliable one but still on a medium budget.
    Thanks for reading x
    Hi - I am just starting up and would love some advise and guidance. Would you mind contacting me to discuss? Thanks
    Hi, I hope you dont mind me messaging. I was just wondering what hair suppliers you use for your nano ring hair. Also apart from bamain do you have another favorite. Many thanks carla
    Hi :) I am struggling to find a hair exstention supplier that does a variety of colours and lengths and I would love to have some advice from you
    Hi i have seen quite a few of your posts and think you are the best person to ask! Im just about to start a training course to be a hair extension technician and i want to start gathering information to start my own business! i was wondering where you get your bulk orders of hair from please? any information you can give is much appreciated! xx
    Hi is there any hence you could tell who your hair supplier is, iv spent around 2 years trying different people and being let down, I have my own salon but my current supplier has really let me down on the last few bulk orders, even with the bulk hair and I would really appreciate you're help on this one as I really do not want loose my business, kind regards kerri x

    My names Connor and I'm an extension it's also in Ireland. I came across your reply about knowing where you can get the same hair from the factory that great lengths used to use. Would you mind me asking you for the details? I've had a nightmare of a time ordering and toning extensions from a uk based company. I hope you don't mind me contacting you :)

    Looking forward to hearing your reply and would love a tip/knowledge chat,


    I only tried some tiny rings so far but I don't think it was that... the one extension piece you can see underneath on the photo doesn't look sharp enough to be a metal ring if you know what I mean. I understand how when you say that if you are going to use glue then why not just bond as normal? but after trying a few out, the way the hair falls so freely this way is so natural. Maybe it is a tiny glue bond... not sure... I am wondering if it is a tiny tiny shrinkie? Have done loads of research the past few days and have read about these tiny shrink tubes... not sure where you get them from yet but I would love to know! Can't believe I cannot find any more info on this method... It's driving me potty! lol x
    Hey hun... did you have a go at those fittings? I found them a little fiddly but with a bit of tweaking I think they'd be great! Need to do some more work on them... but obviously wouldn't do them on proper clients.

    If you did have a go... how did you get on? They fall lovely, so natural. Need to know more lol x
    Wow! How exciting! I definitely will if I'm ever there. Great to hear things are going so well for you. Great work pays off! All the best in your new venture and keep us all posted on your progress xx
    Nice to see someone with so much knowledge, passion and understanding of hair extensions. Much respect to you.... x
    I saw your thread where you put before and after pics on of a ladys hair you did, long and dark hair, using balmain hair extensions?
    I worked in a salon for 10yrs which specialised with great lenghs, i do friends and family hair at home now, and am looking into balmain hair ex's. I see you can get them from Sallys hair and beauty, and the bonded ones seem to be called, fill in hair, is this what you used to achieve the results in the picture? also how many bonds at what length did you use? i really want to make sure im getting the right product cause your pic looked amazing!!
    Hope you dont mind me asking

    Here is the link for the google website guide. As I said in the post, try to look past the glitzy marketing as the guide itself has been really useful for us. Helen x

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    Hello i have been trained in extensions for about 3 months and am building up a large client base in the Reading area. I am looking for another supplier as mine often cannot provide what i need, i charge about 230 pounds. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on some good suppliers to use that are reasonable. I am looking for micro ring extensions. I am currently looking at I&K but have no idea. It would be so helpful if you could get back to me xx thankyou
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