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    CND Shellac problem

    Also look into your curing. If the color was dark or very pigmented you might have gotten one of the layers too thick and it will show up as a pitted surface after a short time. I have some Shellac colors I use three thin layers on instead of two normal coats. Also check your top coat. If it...
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    Non wipe top coat vs top coat?

    The biggest issue with a regular top coat compared to non wipe is that they are slightly porous and will attract stains and break down over time. For gel polish that’s soak off it’s no problem because you are soaking off and changing more regularly, but for enhancement it’s more of an issue...
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    Yours halo stamper

    I use a lint roller. Works great [emoji106]
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    eFile recommendations please

    I don’t have any links but I’ve worked with both Artistic Nail Designs one which is great and I hear that Light Elegance has a great one. I personally keep to the Kupa passport one, but I don’t use an e-file except for taking down products so someone would probably have more suggestions for you...
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    IBD gel nail extensions?

    I used to work years back with IBD in salon and as an instructor and it’s a great brand. This was even before they had gel polish, but I had very happy clients. It’s a versatile system with a great range of colors now that they have their gel polish too. The only minus I can think about is that...
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    ‘Fake’ stamping plates

    I’m new to stamping, but Ive seen older models of well known stamping plates that where not optimal for its use. As I am learning it again several years later I find the newer plates have come a long way. Could they be older plates maybe? There are a lot of fakes out there so as long as you...
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    Is acetone safe for pregnancy?

    Pure Acetone is not a harmful substance. It’s very dehydrating and can cause irritation on very dry skin, but it should have no effect on a pregnancy. Only time I’ve seen clients or techs react to removers is if it has added substances like a scent or lubricant. If your client is sceptical you...
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    Gel infills help

    From what you are describing it’s on gel polish or just color gel application on natural nails? As long as you are not using any form of builder or enhancement product underneath the color and it can be soaked off you should be removing it completely with the remover for your system and...
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    Starting in your own salon?

    There are probably better people out there to advice you on this directly but I can share an observation I have laid working on many different salons over the years (I’m not a salon owner) What you should have is a clear business plan, all your financials planned out and your mission statement...
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    Semilac UV hybrid gel top coat

    I don’t know the brand, but it’s a common thing to overexpose your skin to un cured gel when you wipe of the sticky layer. It’s basically raw gel and it will cling to your skin. Seems like you are seeing the signs of over exposure and you need to start being careful. Wear gloves at all times...
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    Thumb guard

    Have you considered using gloves when you work? You really should be taking care of your own hands and the moment you start getting sore and irritated skin from filing it’s a gateway for infection and over exposure. Use a piece of flexi wrap and gloves and keep your skin safe [emoji4]
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    What’s your staff make up/how much do you pay?

    To me it seems like you have a two part problem. When you are a busy hairdresser you need to have someone help and manage the front desk and clients because like you say it will distract you from your work. Secondly you need to like Haircutz says devote time to be an owner and manager since you...
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    Newly trained tech, problems with Shellac

    I have a few colours I do three thin layers on. What I then do is cure an extra minute on the last color layer before top coat to make sure they are all cured (this is very individual and you need to see how it will work) I saw you use Express 5 topcoat. This in my opinion is the weakest top...
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    Newly trained tech, problems with Shellac

    It should be enough removing cuticle away like you are doing. I just remember myself having problems not cleaning it off well enough so I always spay probably more water to clean it off than I need to now So, I think I have a little tip for you from your reply. I see you seal your edge first...
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    Newly trained tech, problems with Shellac

    Sorry to hear your having problems. It’s never easy starting out and it’s a big confidence killer, but don’t give up. There is always hard moments to begin with and then the aha moments set in and your confidence grows. There are many things that can break down a service and it’s difficult the...