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  • hiya, sorry for delay in answering. Matt shellac is achieved by gently buffing the shine away with a koala buffer after you have completed the application. So if i understood you correctly, what has been done is - they have applied black and top coat, cured it, buffed the shine away on the whole nail and then painted the cross only and top coated the cross only, so black remained matt. hope this helps)))
    Thanks for the rep on the lighting thread, Donna :)

    Guess it's one of my obsessions; I've been gradually upgrading the lights in our house to low-energy bulbs, and am a big fan of LED spot lights. Sonia's even got a funky one in her desk lamp in the lounge that has a remote control that will make it change colour - it can even do fancy light effects. But she wanted that so that she could switch between "warm white" and "cool white" when doing craft stuff...
    i am fine hun, i have had a cold for about 2weeks think it this weather gggrrrrr
    but still carrying on as ya do
    Aye the pics have come through fine :)

    Well I have got my Javascript sorted now so I am one happy little geek. Have designed a funky little web page that will let people easily edit their lists of treatments that are shown on their web site. So suppose you want to update your treatment prices, you could now log on to a special admin page on your web site, where the list of treatments and prices would be displayed, but with text boxes so you can update them all, and buttons to add and delete treatments etc. Then you can move the order of things up and down easily using the mouse. And when you're happy you can click "Save", and it will send the new treatment list to the database, and it will magically appear on your web site!
    Hiya, aye got email OK - nice pics, they should look fab on the site. Sorry for not replying yet, was up to my eyes in some most challenging Javascript lol...
    me love sean bean, who's he, what you on about? lol

    he is in my mind the hottest thing on this earth, although he is beginning to look older, he is still extreemly sexy mmmmmm!!!
    btw thats two gorgeous people from sheffield, britains best talent is a sheffielder and sooooo gorgeous!!
    I'm so pleased for you. You will find a balance once you learn to delegate. However, NOBODY will care about your business as much as you do.

    Things are brilliant down south, although I'm finding it a little hard to cope with everything. the training side of the biz has gone crazy and I'm overjoyed because teaching is what I love. I'm bloody knackered though. LOL. Big hugs to you and Emma. xxxx
    Ha Ha! How's it all going at the salon? January is quiet always so don't let that worry you. How's Lady Emma? xxx
    Hi , how are you? well just setting up my nail business got a few steady clients now thank god lol
    so how are you doing hun?
    Right then, it's called 'SONGA' trolley, it's £6.84 and they are in stock at Nottm Ikea and they are on the bathroom dept x
    No worries, hope you manage to track one down, might be worth avin a look on th website before you go to see if they are in stock. I got it from the Leeds/Bradford ikea x
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