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    What are everyone's plans for Bonfire Night? - Page 2 - Salon Geek
    hi I'm new to all this so im still trying to work out how to chat and send mail to geeks, lol. if you get my message will you reply to say yes? I can see you know a fair deal in the beauty industry and I'm intreged....I've just started a beauty course it's the in house certificate if you know anything could you let me know. thanks
    yes i have, my mate lived there but she moved to telford now, it not far x
    thanks for my pic comment too, i bet you do i am like that when i do my nails lol what are we like lol lol
    i had take her back to the docs today she still not well and now they tell me she got chicken pox, i bet it will be nicer than here lol hope you bring the sun back with you hun lol cant wait to see your pics of the minx nails hun? xxx
    i have not been doing much as i have my daughter really ill. Ooh where you going on your hols hun? minx it looks really good would love to try it myself i just keep ponding lol x
    Thanks for your comment on my critique, you may be right if its the pinkie on my right hand ? have a job doing them with my left but was determined not to use popits again sick of pink & white`s. xx
    thanks for the friend request hun, and about the baby am really excited. i am hoping to get a few more clients pretty soon so i can start earning a proper wage from beauty and hopefully rent a room in the near future fingers crossed lol x
    wow i have just been lookin at ur profile and think it is amazing that you opened your own salon at 16!! it must have been really exciting well done i think that is fab x
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