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  • Hiya
    So sorry, I only noticed that I had messages today!
    Sorry if I'm too late to be useful. I work for myself within a salon and freelance, so I don't know about whether they would cover salon owners, sorry!
    I will ask my salon owner who she uses because their policies seem really similar to my insurance.
    Hi Tiatia, I did message you before, but just to let u know again, I have used most types of Spray tan, but the one i am using at the moment is TanTruth, which is not expensive, all my clients like it and i can add drops to it to make it darker as most of my clients like a dark brown, have patch tested it on clients with problem skins and they have been ok. I buy it from Sally's. Hope this helps you x
    Hellooo, when you booster dropped fake bake did it go darker?? I'm thinking of getting fakebake but I'm not too sure xx
    Hi do you have the address & phone number of the place in Bradford where you got the collagen bed thanks x
    Hi there, could you email me on please and I'll see if I can sort some samples for you and send you a pricelist x
    Oh I wont forget you! Ill make sure I can find a place for you, and your close to Halifax so they cant complain at all :D xx
    yeah they do I can email them and ask them to send some for ya do you want them to come to the shop???
    Paula it all depends on how many are there we charge by the person although for spraytanning the training gets cheaper once there is two people xx
    Hi Paula
    Thanks for letting me come up and look at the room today it's lovely and just what I would be looking for. Like I said if you want I can come up and do xmas week and new year week for ya and see what the response is like xxxxxx Caz
    Hi Tiati22

    Yes Brown Bitz is one of our best sellers, £35, no VAT, FREE Delivery!!! Choose cherry 8%, Citrus Sherbert 10% and Coconut 12%.

    All our solutions have a fast wash off 4-6 hours fantastic fragrances and long lasting 7-10 days compared to conventional 5-7 day tans with added ingredients to ensure a natural fade off.... Ticks all the boxes required to provide customer satisfaction

    Best Regards
    Brown Gorgeous
    Brown Gorgeous ? Total Tanning Solutions, Spray Tan Solution, Machines Supplies.
    Thanks for replying. My situation has changed. I don't work full time anymore so I am now looking for a position in a salon if anyone will take me on. I do still enjoy some aspects of beauty but I really want to do hair now. I did get someone who let me go in on a Saturday but to be honest they were really quiet (not a big salon) and I wasn't really doing anything or learning much. I don't suppose you want to take anybody on do you :)
    Hi there,

    Im interested in the beauty room you have to rent, can you tell me how much it is and whats included.

    kind regards

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