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    Nail Hugs

    How do you order these please?
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    Toner problems

    I told her the toner won't last and needs topping up with violet shampoo. The client washes her hair every day too. . She says sometimes it lasts longer than other times .but I always apply same shade same process time .so don't know why. Feel fed up.x
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    Toner problems

    The problem is because you can only bleach to a pale yellow. It can be a problem when there wanting 8/ 81/ 7/81 as your applying a blue over pale yellow. Which = green. Maybe I need a lighter pale yellow. Don't want it going white and breaking off though. I'm glad you think I'm not doing...
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    Toner problems

    Hi, I am not happy with my toners and am wandering if there's anything I could do different. Client 1. Has full head bleach from a level 5 to a 10. I then wash the bleach off clean it up with violet shampoo so I have a clean base then apply ct 9/16 leave on for 20 min to a nice clean silver...
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    L'Oreal lightening oil - wet or dry hair?

    Can anyone using the lightening oil explain how you use this and if used on towel dried hair or dry hair. Thank you x
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    L'Oreal lightening oil

    If using the lightening oil in between colour services on the root area would you use on towel dried hair or on dry hair to lift 1-2 levels? Xx
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    L'Oreal "lightening oil"?

    Do you use this on wet or dry hair?
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    From copper to blonde

    Thank you. It looks really lovely. Your very talented. X
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    From copper to blonde

    Wow that's amazing. How did you get it to the new colour? X
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    Wella red

    I use wella and kadus. It's very hard to get a red just a copper red. I find you only get a nice red with 5/46. Because it's a dark shade your not pulling up warmth when lifting higher x
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    Chemical burn from perm

    Did you remove cotton wool after 5 mins after the dripping stopped and reapply fresh cotton wool. Also apply barrier cream before the perming lotion solution. It happened to me a few years back. So I'm very carefully now. Don't beat your self up, it can happen .xx
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    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    Have you ever added a bit of 0/88 into colour touch and if so how much would be OK. Maybe 1/2" into the 7/0 ?
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    Colour Touch special mix ratio

    If I wanted to add 0/88 or 0/68 ct mix tone in to say a ct 7/0 to neutralise out orange. What is the ratio ?. Is it rule of 11 same as koleston special mix. ?
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    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    She was saying if I added 0/88 mix tone in the 7/0 ct it would go to a 5. Due to the 0/88 can go dark.x
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    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    After stripping hair colour out and your left with orange would you use ct with 0/88 mix tone in to neutralise the orange. Last month we had a colour tech to do a colour correction day and our model who was a level 5 tinted colour wanted to lift up to a 7. The colour tech applied a bleach bath...