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  • No yours didn't lol.Hahaha I've read back through mine and the bit about the expensive barbies did lmfao bit I didn't mean it like that I meant it as in they were a waist of money coz I cut there hair off and drew all over them lol.I can't stop laughing either how the hell have we ended up being so paranoid about a couple of posts lol.Hope I didn't offend you calling you a sausage lol.See what u have done you have made me paranoid lol (joking).x
    What a sausage lmao now I'm really laughing lol.I thought how odd when I got your message what's this all about and was very confused and I went back to have a look and though well it must be about the garden post lol but didn't quite know what you were going on about in your message Hahahahahahahaha no I wasn't taking the piss I actually thought it was really sweet.I can remember doing it with blossom petals but it just smelled nasty but I thought it was lovely lol.Did my post come across as a bit braggy lmfao.I'm crying with laughter now lol.What a pair xxx
    Lol I'm confussed lmfao was it about the garden post if so no it was really sweet.Did I say something that made u feel like that lol.
    I haven't been online all weekend.. I was working at the Beauty trade show.. fill me in, what did I miss?
    When I look at my posts I can't see my heart at the bottom cause I can't heart my own post, but YOU can see it and I can see yours, so I hearted you on your post... :)
    There you go missus... sorted!! ... you can't see the little heart on your own posts because you can't like your own post if you know what I mean, but everyone else can see it! :)
    Try posting something on that thread and let me see.. just say it's a great idea or something... I wanna see what you mean
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