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  • Hi tiggerlady,
    I read on one of the threads on here that you trained in beauty later in life. I'm writing a feature for BABTAC's magazine, Vitality, about this. Are you a BABTAC member? If so, I'd love to arrange to speak to you.
    Best wishes,
    Thanks for your reply really helpful,
    It's a really hard and big dissition, lots to think about x
    Hi, feel free to give me a call about the dvd, my no. is 07941568450, Zoe x
    We shall all look forward to hearing your compositions!! I admit I used to get lost in playing music..only various types of recorder at secondary school, but still.. :)
    I found out today that the "Aeterna" album by Constance Demby was recorded using a Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer, and that a bloke on eBay was selling a rack mount version of that synth for 200 quid. Can you guess what happened next??? I love that style of music and really want to compose my own music in that genre (I also play the flute)...
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