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  • i no longer geek........... so if you need me please feel free to inbox me info@boudoirbeautyacademy.co.uk and ill always be happy to chat xxxx
    Hi. Can I do short extensions then but gelish on top. base and top it off? Would you put 2 coats of base or 2 coats of top it off to hide the ridge. Thanks
    Hi I would like some more info on this body wrap please, I have been using shapechangers wrap on clients for a while and while this is good it is not a weight loss wrap just inch loss through toxins...Is this one similar?

    oh my god pooh!!! I have spent the last hour up loading them and now my camera has frozen arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Great, many thanks.
    Do you sell many polishes to clients to touch up in-between appointments?
    argh sorry pooh bear I have done it and forgotten to post them.ill get onto it xxxx
    Hi there tigi.
    Thank you for offering to take a picture of the reds together.
    Sorry to be a pain but I just wondered if you had found time to take the pic of the Gelicure reds together so I could get an idea of how they look.
    The deadline for the offer is getting closer :)
    Michelle x
    Just wanted you to know that your offer to give a free day of help to that lady in her thread is the nicest thing I have ever read on the boards. Bless you!
    Awww tigi i just read your post on one of the blogs. I cannot believe you feel like that you are such a fab lady i can tell that just by the way you help and advise people on here. You're kind and caring and i hope that one day you stop feeling as you do at times because honestly if i was half the therapist/advisor/person you are in this industry I'd be one very happy lady x x x
    Hi Sheila

    Thanks for your prompt reply! I've been mad busy today so wasn't able to call you. Just wanted to let you know that I'll call you sometime this week.
    Kind regards,
    Marie x
    Hi Tigi, I love your posts and I'm interested in coming to you for training on waxing. I live near Liverpool so it won't take me that long to get to you. Could you please let me know how much (and how long) the training is. Many thanks, Marie
    Hi Tigi - sorry I completely forgot I asked you this question and only gone back on salon geek recently. I used LA Tan 10%. It maybe a tanning agent I'll ask her - thanks
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