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  • Omg yeah it was a hard time for you,glad it all worked out and i'm very pleased you're happy,thanks hun,i'm waitin for the scan to confirm my dates lol,i'll let you know,keep in touch and take care chick xxxxx
    In the States ... 101 stands for a beginners class ... could be this is a new name for some class in CND education? I will miss you at the event ... maybe you could fly back for it ... tell your employers it must not be missed if yo are to keep up? xx
    hey hunnie,hope you're well and settled in and love it !

    Can you beleive it's been over a year since i saw you ??? Had our anniversary and we have a baby on the way too,oh how things change. Hope you're happy.Loadsa luv Becki :hug:
    Hello you!!! How's it all going? Think of you often. I'm busy busy doing tonnes of training PLUS I have Dexter for the summer! Not much time for geeking apart from the early or late hours. We miss you. Take care XXX
    wowser, that's quite a relocation!!! have you settled in ok?
    I was only talking to someone today about UAE, there are loads of job vacancies over there apparently xx
    Hi Kirsten,

    Just wanted to wish you one last good luck before you go. Thanks for everything, keep in touch.xxxx
    Hello Kirsten - my toes still look fab & that mani you gave me has cleared up my excema almost completely!!
    Take care xxxxxx
    kirsten my hun xx hope alls good ..update your profile hunny xx peeps need to know who YOU are !!! its a little out of date ........lol
    Thank you for today, for all your continued support and belief, for all your hard work and sharing all your knowledge with me even though it sometimes seems I am not taking it in but trust me I so am.

    The training set I did on my friend after today was better - OMG was that a little bit of confidence coming from Nikki!
    Boo!! Just wanted to let you know I'm doing Brisa conversion next Tuesday so I will see you then. Do I need my model from 1pm or is it all day??
    Everything is slowley becoming ok - its the nasty people I work with thats all.
    Hello lovely how are you?! Well I think I am finally getting the hang of it, well something near anyway! ;0) Will hopefully be nipping by CND on Friday from some bits and pretty pieces! Thank you so much for messaging me, it was lovely to hear from you! x
    Have been practising as much as I can when not on a 14 hour shift at work but been too scared to try on a real live person yet! Am doing a set on a friend Wednesday the day before Day 4 !

    Am booked on next weeks Spa Conversion and looking forward to that.
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