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  • I took you advice pretty much and stayed away from it all apart from doing 1 finger only and the tip blending I found I got really well - I was having to do a lot of abrasive work but I know I didn't get my mix ratios correct again so had too much of a huge bead to work with and then when it had set had a lot of work to do but I know where I am going wrong there and will work on it but got my tip blended well enough so you couldn't feel an edge at all which I was please with.

    I will do a full set today and see how I get on. I know it is just practice practice practice but right now it looks like I'll never get a feminine and light looking enhancment.

    I keep hearing your voice in my head when I do something wrong LOL

    Thank you for all your support and guidance Kirsten it is so appreciated.
    Thank you SO MUCH for today and sorry that I have driven you insaine by my negativity.
    Thank you thank you thank you for putting up with my moans and groans so far - hope I wont let you down x
    hey hun,

    thanks for yesterday, your a star! and very patient! lol

    luv Kelly x
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