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  • Hi i saw your comment on my pic and thought it would be easier to reply here.
    When you are going to apply Minx over Shellac you completely finish the Shellac application removing the Inhibition Layer then applying the Minx.
    It last really well over the Shellac that client who was wearing them in my pic got 12 days before removing it Hths :hug:
    Many thanks Tilly, I will have to have another go with polish. I have and have used Shellac with success as a top coat, but might do a search on lumos, it is not familiar to me, knowing my luck we wont be able to get it here. Any way thank you so much for your help.
    Hi Tilly, I have just been looking through the pics on the Konad group. Your designs and colours are gorgeous. I notice you have used a lot of regular polishes to do your stamping. I didn't think it was possible to use normal polish? Are you doing something special to get the success you do. I have only tried it once and I couldn't get the design to transfer sucessfully. I have to order my konad from the states and it turns out to be quite pricey with exchange rates and freight. So have limited konad polishes. Maybe you can also help me by suggesting a top coat that works. I find my design smudges while lightly applying my topcoat. Any advice would be gratefully received.
    hi i could not get anyone interested in akzentz options, but my gelish is rockin! i had issues with coverage on akzentz and also soak off time was too long i liked the strength but gelish is also very strong. shellac is blah with me
    Hi, I quite liked the Acrylic Course although i remember it driving me round the bend lol, Defo a good learning experience because you have to do it again n again n again to get it right, but you wont cos uv done Gels, And the Airbrush Course well i've had it well over a year & it drives me nuts!!!! It just gets hidden in the corner again hehe, My hubby has just bought me a Nail Printer n im wishing now he'd paid for me to go do some more courses hmph (no pleasin us women eh!) Let me know how you get on x
    Hi Tilly - if you pm me your "proper" name and address I'll check if you are on the list who have had their catalogue sent out!
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