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    Advice please, fed up with split nails

    Thanks scratchers did think it maybe due to some kind of trauma but to be honest with you i really dont remember bashing them or anything like that and it seems a bit strange that its on both of my thumbs nails. Sorry classy claws i didnt make myself clear, when i say my nails have to be...
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    Advice please, fed up with split nails

    Hi to all Im looking for advice/explanation as to why my thumb nails split when they get to a certain length. This has been happening for a while now and im getting really fed up with it.:cry: The free edge gets to the tip of my thumbs and everytime they get this length i get a small split...
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    manicure and psoriasis

    Thanks guys after reading both replies it all seems pretty obvious, god im such a div:irked: its deffinetly a blonde moment. Thanks again for your help:)
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    manicure and psoriasis

    Morming all I am currently at college studying nvq 2 in beauty, we are doing contra-indications for manicures and how they can restrict a treatment but i cant think for the life of me in what way psoriasis would restrict treatment (think its a blonde moment:lol:) would be very great for a...
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    How long to get a job in hairdressing?

    Im 34 and start NVQ Beauty Therapy level 2 on Tuesday and im so nervous.
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    Poll - Geek Xmas in October??

    You can count me in, sounds like fun. As im such a big kid at heart 2 christmas would be great.:lol:
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    Where are you?

    Im in Norwich anyone else in this part of the world
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    Advice please - Odyssey L+P

    Hi all I trained in odyssey acrylic quite a while ago but couldnt master it as well as gel, i have now decided to have another crack at it (so far so good) buti am running out of monomer. Thinking nothing of it i have tried to order more but was finding it very difficult to find it in the UK...
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    Toe Makeover!

    Thanks for that i know what ill be doing tomorrow. Im so excited im gonna get my toe nails back...
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    Toe Makeover!

    Hi Minkus They are so amazing and such a coincedence(excuse the spelling):oI to have half a big toe nail well 2 actually, i lost mine through an infection they are now starting to grow but its taking forever. I have been searching through past posts for days for solutions as to how to cover up...
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    Need advice please.

    Hi all I have a dilema and need some advice. I have heard through the grape vine that there is a tanning and beauty salon for sale in my area, which great as i have been on the look out for a while now. I have been down to the salon to have a look and to find out who i need to contact but...
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    I`ve been accepted

    Excited is not the word i`ve been on a high all day and september is so far away Goodluck for yur interview Tina x x x
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    I`ve been accepted

    Hi to all am fairly new to site and have been surfing for a while have found it all very helpful and you guys are great your`e like one big happy family. This is my first post and have some news that i need to shout about or ill burst coz im so excited, i have been offered a place at college to...