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  • Hi There If you look online on their website you can get the number vand phone up for which issue you want. In there there is an advert for a trial kit for £1 you just send them £1 coin and your buisiness card and they send it through to you, i have had my sister order one for me too!!!
    Hi, just thought i'd say hello as i'm also Cardiff based and it's always good to know people in the area, if you ever want a treatment swap or to talk shop/just chat gimme a shout :) x
    Can we do next week instead....Ive just had a girl phone me asking to take the extensions out someone did for her while she was on holiday....they had tied her hair to micro rings so its gonna take me a while saturday and to put new ones in sunday xx
    Hiya, Hows saturday for you? If you come to me I can put some in for you no problem hun and do a treatment swap thats fine. I have temp glue and lashes if u want to use mine as I dont use them a lot doing the semi perm lashes x
    Hi Tina,

    No the glue I got in my kit for the week-end lashes (in clusters) is temporary glue. I think from reading on the posts, I have to agree that using semi permanent glue for these is wrong and shouldn't be advised. I use ardell lashes so will be buying ardell adhesive in black. I had salonsystem glue before and was getting around 3-5 days from the lashes. Hopefully from this glue I might get the 2 weeks. :)) xx
    Hey hun, just wanted to let you know there are dotting pictures of mine and the tutorial up in your thread. I hope they help. Enjoy! xxx
    Hi, thank you for my picture comment. I will get on to it this afternoon and let you know when it's posted. :) x
    Coming to me would be fab, easier for me to be honest. Ill pm my address now hun ok xx 5.15 is fine with me x Im up towards st fagans castle. xx
    Yeah they are im just wanting to try a diff curl of eyelash... Where in cardiff are you? x Tomorrow after 3 im free?
    I was going to put on my facebook wall does anyone want to try some new lashes and have a full set for £20 this weekend so thought Id ask you first before I do xxx
    Hiya lovely, I charge £60 but offer at moment is £40 when u like facebook page. Proper Princess Pampering | Facebook. I have one appointment tomorrow free, one friday and i think I have one saturday but have to check. You can come to me or I can come to you cxxx
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