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    Shellac in Gravesend area

    Im also in Gillingham
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    Airbrush white paint keeps cracking when applied

    I found that this happened if I put the white on too thickly or put the varnish on too thickly. I had to make myself do lots of really thin coats as sometimes I would blast the paint on. It may be something else but once I stopped doing really thick in one go whites it stopped happening...
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    hello!!!! Am doing good. lol Hows the garden salon? Would love to meet up sometime but will have...

    hello!!!! Am doing good. lol Hows the garden salon? Would love to meet up sometime but will have to be in the summer holidays as am going back to work for a bit until end of july :)
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    Hiya Just wanted to say hello as hadnt see you around for a while. Hope you are ok :) Am now...

    Hiya Just wanted to say hello as hadnt see you around for a while. Hope you are ok :) Am now doing male waxing aswell lol
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    Worried about possible acetone damage on client

    Hi The cracking on the nails happened to me when I wore shellac for the first time. Basically it was because my nails are soooooo bendy that anything longer than a few milimeters of growth causes my nails to bend and causes a crack about a third of the way or even half way down my nail. It...
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    Untrained therapists Your opinions please

    It does happen. When I was doing my nvq in beauty we went to Olympia. The next day this girl came in with the most appauling nails I have ever seen on and complained that they hurt. Her friend had bought a starter kit at the show and then they had played nails for the rest of the evening...
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    ARBONNE- Feedback please

    I have used the products as my friend invited me to an Arbonne party at her house. Up until this point I had not really heard of them. I personally though they were the same as body shop at home that kind of thing. I tried the vitamin C cleansers and the rest of the range and it is the first...
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    Meaningless apology, would you accept?

    Hi I know exactly how you feel as I have been in the same position but with members of my husbands family My sister in law is a real cow to me and at one point I threatened to leave my marriage because she would do exactly the same thing to me. She would talk to other people on the table...
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    Prices for Brazilians and Hollywoods

    I have found that a lot of places call it a brazillian/hollywood but they sometimes only really do a high bikini so they can charge less than me. I had a woman say that somewhere near me was doing a Brazillian for £12 and why was I so expensive. But they didnt wax the labia at all as that was...
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    CND Lace Up/Corset nails

    Hiya I had an idea and i think it might help. I took a CLEAR tip and then put the white on as usual (nice smile line etc. ) but not to the end of the tip. I then did two rectangles from the white Ive just done up either side of the tip so that you have a gap in the middle which will give...
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    Which remover doesn't harm SHELLAC?

    It might just be me but when I put nail varnish over the top of my shellac it all came off ! I had decided to do a french over the shellac after a few days of it being on. I had a perfect line where the varnish had been and just bare natural nail. The shellac that had not been varnished over...
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    Does anyone have garra rufa fish?

    I think the appy feet people do franchises but am not sure. I think you have to know what you are doing with the fishes. I would love to have the fish but I think you need a good knowledge of the fishes and how to look after them, what they like and the kind of filtration you would need to...
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    Think Im going to have a breakdown if i continue like this

    Hi I can sympathise with you about being busy and not striking a work life balance. have you thought about life coaching. I have discussed many situations with mine and it has helped clarify what I want out of life rather than what I think I want out of life. lol I know it sounds bizarre...
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    Steve is an absolute miracle worker when it comes to fixing guns/machines :) So far I have managed to bend my needle which steve fixed. My gun then decided it was going to throw solution everywhere and after totally taking it apart and ruining the inside washer thingies, Steve managed to fix...
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    Shellac and Gelish

    Shellac was mentioned in this months copy of Zest magazine on its beauty pages as being the manicure you have to have if you are going on holiday.