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  • Looks like I might well see you on Monday if you're going to be at the beauty show; I'm going down the night before though as Andy has kindly arranged a hotel room for me as I am his model for a waxing demo on Monday morning.
    Hiya :)

    Thanks for thinking of Sonia :)

    From what I heard last night she is OK thanks but was throwing up a bit earlier. Will see her on Saturday - have had to go back to work now unfortunately :(
    That's fine if you want to pm me with the letter. I don't think it's fair that her mum is putting her daughter through all that pain, and am really glad you're standing up for her daughter by going ahead and sending her a letter.
    Don't worry, I'm not blaming you at all in terms of the thread about waxing the disabled lady; I'm really glad you mentioned it on here in fact. As disability issues are very close to my heart what with caring for Sonia and whatnot.
    Hiya hunny.....god sorry it took me ages to answer you, I'm rubbish at seeing my notifications on here nowadays! We're all really well....Morgandie is fine...I hope. Off to Gt Ormond St this week for a check up, but we have no reason to suspect problems. How're you and the boys? xxx
    Hiya, no worries at all about the web site; am rushed off my feet at the moment anyway! Just didn't want you to be waiting around if you still needed one doing though. Hope all is well with you :)
    Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you stock enough to last you all year then, whilst taking advantage of their discount?
    Hi, just looked through my old messages and saw that it was through your threads I chose to use Swiss Dermyl. I was just wondering if you were still using them as I am, but having a few supply problems.
    Hi there, thanks for your message. It has been very hectic here. Only just realising I am never gonna see my sister again. We have her 10 year old living with us now and to say it is hard is an understatement. Hope all well with you.
    Hope you are OK; didn't hear from you last night - was it my phone playing up or was it a bit late after you'd sorted the kids out?
    hi go gel have a conversion day on 7th of april at there nottinghamtraining acadamey it covers perfect french ,hollywood toes,sculpting and encapsulated sculpting its£49 +vat i think you would benifit if you want to book hun ring me on 07506338701 my name is tammy
    hi hun i have had a enquiry about a full leg wax in leeds and its a bit out of my radius ,do you fancy me giving her your email or number ?? she is in rodley and is after a mobile therapist
    let me know if you are interested xxx
    Hi chick, i am wanting to do the thai foot and hand massage course too. Fancy meeting up? Havent seen you in ages and would love to do a treatment swap if you fancy it.
    am waiting for the dates to let you know as I've just taken the Yeadon area over from the previous therapist. going to be there on 28th for Indian head and will be doing thai foot soon.
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