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  • hey sarah xx thanks for that cool feed back on your thread xx you did the work and did a fab job a really fab job !!! like I said take it into the salon and offer it now xx and anything you need let me know hunny you know where I am for anything xx i really had a fab day too xx
    hi..its becouse it was a statement and not a question was asked....thats why i advised for you to blog it. Hope you understand. x
    Hi , yeah i do use Ezflow because i prefer it to Cnd ,i also use Nfu.oh products aswell. if after doing the Ezflow course u like it and Cnd then use both, i use 2 diff brands and both r great brands to use .hope ur course goes well, im sure youll love it
    haze x
    Hi Hun, thank you for the friend request!
    I'm a bit dim, have we chatted before, as I see your a lincs tech & CND trained, brill! Where abouts are you? Forgive me if you've already told me, but I'm a scatty plonker most of the time lol!
    cool, i used to work in a salon but now im just in college doing my level 2 hairdressing....i dont sorry i do have myspace though
    Sara Louise I just want you to know I have called you and left messages twice but have not heard anything back. I am sorry I have missed you; maybe you are avoiding me :) either way, I just wanted you to know!
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