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  • I notiiced the bulldog in your profile pic, he is gorgeous, how old is he? I have a 2 year old bitch called Betty x
    Oh yes, our puggy woof does look quite a bit like a bulldog, and she has aspirations to be as large as one too, she is such a pig! She'd easily be as big as a French bulldog (but without the pointy ears) if we let her lol... except she's on a strict diet and twice-daily route marches now ;)
    Thats good ! ive nearly finished mine, r u doing the city n guilds one with the ant ?? Ive found it really useful and have enjoyed doing it and met some great people aswell, h x
    just been looking at your pics, your work is fabby...i love them all....hope i get as good at them smiles as you are one day.....they all look perfect!!xxxx
    I use the well less Advance clear, natural and french, I also have the french dream and french flame. I love them only people I have found I cant use them on are people with really wide flat nails, I have had 2 nail biters like that. I used star nails xx for those... hth...xx
    hi there

    I use the advanced tips french smile in white and also advanced tips in natural.

    they are lovely tips and extremely reasonable too.

    if you need anymore info, please get in touch.


    Hi... I haven't found a half well tip that I like yet. I have the nsi elation but I don't like them at all! I find they are thick and not at all easy to blend and have to pre blend them before I even put them on. i was thinking of giving the pro impressions ones a try as I only have wel less at the moment. I had read on here recently that they are good but I'm tempted by the Creative ones too.

    Sorry I'm not much help there at all hun. If you find any that are easy to blend and not too thick let me know :hug:
    No problem, I am crapolla at explaining things as I am more of a visual person. Your 508 will do you fine but even a small datailer from Sally's will make the world of difference to you as you will be able to see what you are doing iykwim.

    You are doing great though and if I can help at all please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do a kind of step by step on tips to show you how I do it over the next couple of days xxxxx
    hey, yeah there products are amazing, its greta for art,designs,3d and eben their pink n whites are great....theres a group now aswell called nfu.oh lovers and theres info in there etc...thye arent in the uk yet but are big in europe, russia,japan etc ..have a look at and theres a load of info on them 2 sites ..enjoy !! theres sum amazing pics haze x
    Wow what a great oppurtunity, im sure youll be hoping eventually to do a similar thing when littln is at school, being mobile is good but not always ideal lol ...hope all goes well for ya ....haze x
    Hi ya, just thought id say hi, as not seen ya about much, hows the nails going and have you done anymore courses ? haze x
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