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  • If you have any questions regarding Geekbay items for sale you must only use the Geekbay thread & no other way, please take time to read the rules, failing to do this will result in being banned from Geekbay, thanks.
    Hi, can only discuss sales on the thread I'm afraid, can you get on the thread to see prices?
    i get the people asking, but finding time is my problm, pity you dont live nearer we could do swaps x
    Random question for you....

    You have 122 Post, and I have 0. But i have posted new topics on the BIO Group - I though this would count towards my posts? Im very new to this site - how do i increase my posts.
    Told you it was an odd question. Tasha,
    Only got permit sorted 4 weeks ago! It's been a bloody nightmare, lol! But open now! Slow start, but I missed all the summer trade, hopefully it will pick up with the ex-pats now it's getting nearer to Xmas! Mind you'll get in trouble with Brown Owl if you don't pop over, lol!
    You take care too
    Lisa x
    Sorry for the delay... and the duplicated message lol!

    I learned nails in 2007. Love it!
    You doing the HD course?
    Yep.. very small. I think we kind of mingled in the same circle but not really with each other... Katchaya was my best bud. Carleen (sp?) and Kelly etc linked your little group to mine if I remember correctly.
    It's so long ago now.. memory is a bit blurred!
    So how's life? What you upto
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