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    Painting tiny/odd toe nails

    Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
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    My first pedicure ever

    That's some great info. Can't wait to learn more. Just waiting to hear back from the school about financial aid and hopefully get started.
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    Nail tech to cosmetologist

    Hi all! Anyone ever make this transition?
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    My first pedicure ever

    Thanks so much for the helpful information. I did her toes again with great success last night. Can't wait to learn more and get better. I do have nippers and just practice on myself a little bit but didn't do too much. I could see how easily they could cause pain. Great info on the little toe...
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    Spray tan wet in the rain?

    Being bored and curious I found this : Why Does It Look Like Rain Ruined My Spray Tan? I’ve had a few people message me mentioning that they went out in the rain shortly after a spray tan, and it appeared that the rain was instantly affecting their tan. First of all, your tan is probably fine...
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    My first pedicure ever

    One other thing... I could find a file at the time but I'm guessing I could have smoothed out the ridges a bit? I have one of those 4 sided files. I never see them in the nail vids I've been watching though lol
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    My first pedicure ever

    Ooo great point. That would have been a nice finishing touch. Looking to start in about three weeks. Very curious what day 1 will bring. My wife's cuticles were pretty over grown. I'm pretty bad at the anatomy of the nail but there was also the thinner cutical ( the part that grows up the...
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    Complete newbie, things you wish you'd known when starting out?

    Thanks for your post! I will be following. You are so well spoken!
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    My first pedicure ever

    Loved reading this. You read my mind lol Definitely can't wait to start. I ready to redo my wifes nails. She's in nursing school right now and they can't have their fingers polished other wise I would be doing that too. Again thank you so much! Your reply was very helpful and encouraging.
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    My first pedicure ever

    It's a fun challenge. So many endless possibilities. I noticed I missed a lot of the dead skin on the cuticle. But don't know yet how to manage that.
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    My first pedicure ever

    Thank you for that! I'll be sure to remember that. What would you say you enjoy the most about doing nails?
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    600 hour nail tech program, California

    Thanks for the advice! I'll be attending a predominantly vietnamese school which is cool, because I love the culture. Definitely want to get started and learn everything I can asap. What would you say was the hardest part about school?
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    My first pedicure ever

    I'm going to start practicing pedicures on my wife before starting school. Here's my very first one ever. Would love everyone's expertise, tips, and tell me what I did wrong. [emoji106][emoji4][emoji16]
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    600 hour nail tech program, California

    Looking to start a nail tech program in about 2 weeks. Nervous and excited! Any tips?
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    Advice on e-files?

    Would you say it's a must have as a nail tech? Ty :0) Meaning somthing for the dust and fumes.