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  • Hi
    I was looking over previous posts ad noticed you had put about zapping milia with a lowish current, can I ask what you call low and for how long
    guessed you'd be working, shame!! catch you on the next one tho. Easter was spent decorating the hallway lol been going on a month now nearly done lol. I hope your Easter was better spent :) speak soon. Debx XXX
    Hi Cathy, I have arranged another geekmeet but its Wednesday 26th April as nobody but me could do Mondays. Would you be able to make this day? I hope so.
    Hi hun, Zizzi are doing £1 dinners again so shall I arrange a geek meet again for end of April, can you come?
    Hi Cathy, did you go to the show? Caroline got 3rd place in tip and overlay !!!! not my nails - she came 6th in Salon Nails with mine.
    Thanks for the rep - at last some common sense! Sometimes I really do wonder - may as well talk to a wall! X
    Thank you hun!!
    Good old vista print, I dont know where I would be without them lol xxx
    My pleasure,....i think good and valued input is always worth a rep and you deserve it !!
    We were all "into" it tho! I didnt really love beauty therapy, but stick me in a hair salon and I thought I was in heavan! Happy days
    I still do hair, never do beauty.
    I don't really rate NWkent college, I have had youngsters from there that have been poorly trained. They pass them for turning up I think.
    I was taught by both of them! I have never been back to the college since leaving, although my brother is a lecturer there. One of the women that works for me also trained there. Hows business over in Bexleyheath? its quiet here in Chislehurst, people are just not spending like they used to.
    Like to get up early! Yes I was there too,Started in 86 tho and did the hair and beauty combined course. It was only I looked at your website and saw where your salon was (I originally come from Welling) I was at college with a Cathy and thought it might be you!
    I pass your salon on my way to my Mum's house.
    Hi Cathy sorry no I dont, I can get it for you or try asking Caroline aka Cazbar she is on my visitor message.
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