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    Hair extension course - Scotland

    A few girls in our salon done the training course with sjk hair extensions. They were really good
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    Hair extensions gone pink?

    I always advise clients not to wear hair extensions abroad! Blondes tend to go pink or orange. Sun, sea water, pool water and the chemicals in the actual shower water in hotels can discolour the hair and dry it out x
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    Nightmare client

    I would block her ! I’m sorry but waiting for a message would cause me anxiety. Plus your not going to redo her hair
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    Ash blonde extensions

    Archie Lloyds do a 60ice it’s like a grey blonde. It’s perfect for clients with blonde hair that have toned it x
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    Routes or Angel Remy?

    I like angel Remy but prefer routes
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    Best place for extension courses?

    Two of the girls in the salon completed a course with SJK they found it really good
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    American Pride extensions

    Maybe try a few other brands. I find SJK have a huge range of colour and are reasonably priced x
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    Hair extensions client

    Agree block her, take notes of everything to. I doubt she will go to small claims, I’ve had this a few times before!
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    Longer length hair extensions

    Archie Lloyds do really long lengths! We fitted 30” on a client and she got about 7 months from it. It’s very long though be prepared! I think sjk only do the longer lengths in Indian my client had 26” last year and got a good while from it.
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    Need help with a customer threatening to take me to court

    I definitely wouldn’t be worrying about this let her take you to court (which she won’t) I’m sure there’s a law that she should have reported it within a certain amount of time. She’s probably had her colour done since etc
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    Good hair extension trading companies

    Archie Lloyds, good trade discount and hair lasts ages x
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    Hair extension suppliers

    SJK aren’t expensive and do a budget range as well as Russian x
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    Hair extensions

    SJK Indian hair lasts about 5 months and isn’t expensive. I use it on clients who are on a budget x
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    Hair extension suppliers

    Archie Lloyds Russian is fab
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    Nano extensions

    Similar but a little different