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    Hair extension course in Manchester

    I’m not sure they do courses in different places
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    Hair extension course in Manchester

    Some of our staff members done the SJK course and found it fantastic
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    Advice - quitting nurse training to pursue hairdressing

    You have one life do what makes you happy :)
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    Hair extensions, Belle Academy any good & which supplier?

    A few girls in our salon done a course with SJK it was really good and was a small group, when I was on belle course there was about 16 in the class !
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    Need hair extensions advice

    I had one like this before, now when I get someone who I think will complain I just won’t fit their hair! It’s not worth the anxiety of it
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    Hair extensions course recommendations

    We had a few in our salon complete different courses, I found the sjk one was the most detailed and the girls learnt the most on it x
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    4 hours to fit micros-thinking of offering a quicker service

    I find wefts the quickest to fit. I no longer fit I tips
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    How long for hair extension maintenance?

    It depends on the metro and client. Most are 6-8 weeks!
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    SJK hair extension courses

    Yes a few girls on our salon recently done the course and another one done the hair system one for the replacement. They loved it. Felt like they really learnt a good bit on it. Everything was included to. Ones booked to do the men’s toupee course
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    Hair extension training, Hampshire

    Sjk do courses, kit etc is all included. It’s very thorough feel like the girls in our salon really learnt a lot on it, they said the teacher was really lovely to x
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    Things you wish were covered on your extensions course

    Loads of courses offer advice and help after. Practise and google videos before you do the course on a training head. It definitely will help as you will understand it a bit more
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    Hair extension supplier

    Sjk is good
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    Hair closure suppliers

    Any one recommend a supplier for hair closures? My supplier no longer does them.
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    Keratin treatments in summer

    Love keratin treatments! Anyone tried them on hair extensions?
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    Budget hair & high end recommendations

    SJK do a luxury more budget range, clients get about 4 - 6 months from it