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  • lol i feel like in every section im just repeating what i said in another and i began by downloading a couple of the banks guides to business plans and that just got me even more confused! one bit did make me laugh in the guide "current position" felt like writing lost!!
    i was lucky i done an itec course with a great teacher she guided us through it quite a bit in our business section, i have also had some great sheets and advice from my local business link they gave me loads of info about the beauty industry and previous questionnaires etc, i rang them today because i need to face these financial forecasts and the have put me on a course on monday called managing money so fingers crossed.

    i have now done competitor information and advantages, business strategy, Market research (sent out few questionnaires local nurserys etc), tactical promotion plan, assumptions and i have worked out all the costs of what i need - theres so much its so daunting i really need to get it in order presented well and organised hehe! trouble is im trying to combine mobile beauty therapy and include childrens pamper parties - sounds easy but they actually quite difficult to write together!
    just seen your post about needing a geek in newcastle for training i know its a bit late but if you need a pair of hands in the future pm me i am defo up for it! im in guisborough, 10 mins from middlesbrough xxx
    sorry I never saw the date of the thread...Ooops...

    You know what? Everyone can say what they know/think and give advice...but at the end of the day everyone is different and only you knows whether you can hack it!!!
    If you can put up with very hard work/unsavoury living conditions/being treated like dirt...but want to see some great places in the world/potentially earn some great money/have experiences....then just go for it and see where it takes you.

    Better to get it out of your system and do it while you can...while the opportunity is there. Xxxx
    ooh yeh,, if u want can come over for half an hour tomorrow or friday and i'll show u cos i don't think i can upload videos from my mobile onto youtube.xx
    Hey Tonianne
    The kits and prices are on there website but you have to register as trade to see them. I had trouble finding the prices though so someone kindly sent them me on here.....
    Starter pack 1 is £605 inc vat
    Starter pack 2 retail is £242 inc vat
    Full Starter is £762
    Skincare Kit (mobile) is £92
    There are descriptons of each kit on the website.
    Im think of buying the mobile skin care kit so i can try the products out
    Hope this helps :)
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