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  • Hi tonilee, please could I also have. Copy of tanning picture guide? Lacking confidence at mo! Thanks
    Hi Tonilee..I wonder if you would be able to mail me a copy of your tanning picture guide. Many thanks Karen -
    Glad you are feeling up to working again, I know a girl with epilepsy and I can't believe how she takes it in her stride. So pleased you are able to manage the condition.
    Thanks for the rep love, and it is lovely to see you back, you were of great help to me when I was first starting up in the UK
    Hi Toinlee, Ive just started spray tanning im really struggeling. Your tutorial was so easy and straight to the point. After reading it I already felt more at ease about my next tan. I would love a copy of your picture guide to stick on my wall it would make so much difference to my confidence if i had a guide to follow. Thanks so much sarah. My email is
    Hi Tonilee, I've just read your spray tanning tutorial which I really enjoyed. If you're still emailing the routines out, would it be possible to get a copy please. My email address is Thanks x
    Hi Tonilee, just read ur tutorial and loved it. Don't know if ur still emailing ur routine out, but if you are, please could you email me a copy? I've just started spray tanning, and am getting myself into such a muddle, I still can't bring myself to charge full price yet :((. My email is

    Thanks in advance, Mary x
    Loved the tutorial. I would love to have a picture routine guide if you are able to send one. my email is
    Thanks in advance.

    Hope you dont mind me contacting you, i have seen some of your replies on older posts about spray tan training at home and was wondering if you still do it.
    I am in Bedworth hve my own kit and would like to train using some friends as models.
    Is that someting you could offer?

    Many Thanks x
    Hi there
    Just read your hints on spray tanning and loved it.
    Was wondering if you have time could you please email me a copy of the tanning routine?
    Thank you
    how much do it cost to get a spray tanning tutorial pls as i am very interested in this. i will have my own kit.
    Hi Toni, thanks for the tanning tutorial, it's excellent. Would love to get a copy of the routine please if you have it.
    Thanks Melissa
    Hi Toni, I have read your spray tan tutorial (fab, by the way) would it be possible for you to send me pictures of your spray tanning routine?
    Thanks in advance
    Hi Toni, I read your post about tanning.. I recently finished a course and ordered my equipment :green: But I didnt like the routine the instructor used it was a little everywhere, face the back, left, right, front, left again, right again & back again! Do you have a proceedure/routine that is a little more straight forward but still thouroughly covers the whole body.

    You advice would be greatly appreciated :)
    my email address in
    Hi chick, i have literally just joined this site after searching in google for spray tanning coursesd in the midlands, i came across you in a thread! and was impressed by all the reccomendations i was coming across regarding you! :) basically im completely new to the beauty business, im 28 yrs old and have been modelling since my teens and doing other bits on the side, im now looking to start a new career within the beauty field, as im 28 i didnt see a full time college course as the route i wanted to go down, firstly i would like to do a spray tan course and also a nail extension course, im also interesed in doing lash extensions, do you provide training in all these areas? i live in coventry.
    Hi Tonilee,
    Great tan tutorial! I was having a look after my spray tan training today. Could I please ask for a copy of your tanning routine too if you have done it? I'm at many thanks!
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