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  • Sometimes I think things are meant to be... I really hope it will be good news for you .. don't they say 9 out of 10 lumps are fine, but we're all so bad for thinking the worst... we just can't help ourselves can we?... you'll have to let me know how you get on, I hope you're not too worried :hug:
    Saw your post in Tammie's blog and I just wanted to say the very best of luck for Monday :hug:
    Awww thanks for the picture message honey! Went ok had interest got bookings and did couple of shellac manis. Not many people at the event but was great to talk to the people that did. Thanks again honey big x
    Thank you! Sometimes you just need to throw a lifeline out so the poor person doesn't choke and drown. She's only a little un. xxxxx
    Thanks! Luke was my first client once my room was decorated! lol

    My husband can sypathise with yours. Whenever I wax his back, our son will be underneath the couch and poking my hubbys face through the face hole! Still, gives him something else to think about insted of the pain! lol
    mini mascara wands - Lashbase hunny, they should be the same ones you use, I buy them in 80s I think and they are about £5, go into Accessories and they have the eyelash combs and the eyelash mascara wands are below that, hope they are the ones you want :0)
    Hi Annie, I use Flirties Expert Strength from Wow factor, I do have to say, I love the glue, for me its perfect, the only problem I have with it is that my nozzles keep snapping off eeeep, but it wont stop me from using it lol Its a 10g bottle. Definately worth giving it a go. Hope you are well, fab speaking to you again xxxxx Claudia xx
    Hi Annie,

    Thankyou for your lovely comment! it genuinely does make me feel great to know you enjoyed it! my pleasure doing your lashes, was great to meet you also, and we can keep updated on our news here as well x
    Hi Annie, received you kit today, so it's here and waiting for some great MYscaraing!! looking forwards to meeting you!! see you on Sunday xx
    Aw did she? Who was that! Thanks for letting me know! It went really well, so pleased I sold 150 of them! Couldnt believe I got that meny! Got 20 booked in so far for it! xx
    Thanks Annie, Iv only just started up and solely do eyelash exensions (classic) had lots of deliberation when deciding on company name but this one came heads up, so glad you like :0))) Claudia x
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