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  • Hi
    I saw your post re. mobile equipment. Very handy! I was wondering where you got your folding bin from - what a good idea! I'm setting up a mobile business soon in Hampshire. I see from your websites you work til 10pm - is that when you finish or when you would take your last appointment?
    Many thanks
    For some reason I cant get onto chat. If you click onto my page and scroll down all the way to the bottom on the left hand side, it will say create a page for my business.x
    the thread disapeared so i must have been breaking some sort of rules, i think its £95.00 however if you send me your email address i will forward this email on to you with all the info on it. xx
    Your welcomex - I do that all the time. Took me 8 months to find out what rep points were at first:lol:
    Thankyou for my rep,glad you have done that,its one of those things we dont always think about til it's too late.xx
    Hey, that was a nice post about Lise :hug: I do hope she comes back on and tells us she is ok :) must have been pretty awful for her x minky
    Thanks Annie fro your reply on my thread, what starter kit on LA did you go for? Also who did you do your training with? Hope you don't mind me asking these questions.

    Many Thanks

    Soph x
    Hi Annie, Thats correct :) book though the office 0141 255 0989 say you have a vip gold card (which i will post out) lou x

    My name is Annie;) toni & max are my children and will is my husband just to confuse everyone! - I'm in Bonnyrigg x
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