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  • didn't answer your french question !! I didn't get much joy from a dotting tool and enamel, if the nail are short just a thin line of white and nail fresh !! yes just a smal normal art brush is fine for nail fresh (I keep mine just for nail fresh) yes it was a good day toni xx the new colours are lush, I have the smaller rack in my salon if you want to come over and have a look at them your welcome xxxx
    mad wiv ya now !!! wish I'd known you were going monday you could have come with me !!!!!!!! I'm going in the morning :( will hang on for a hi !!!!! and a chat xxxxx
    Thats spooky I was thinking about you yesterday !! wondering how it was all going xx good news on the job, if your not happy its got to be done xxxx get your self out ther with the nails !! did you see the info about the new colour launch in sept? its going to be fabbo xx
    Hi nice to hear from you, bugger about ya brush as they are expensive arnt they!.... still cant do acrylic right its doing my head in. doing ok little n often thats me lol keep intouch xx
    Hi Toni
    Its fine hun, we cant help what happens in life,
    i don't have anything booked in July or after that, so you work out when would be best for you and your circumstances and just let me know what day and date you want, im 99% sure i will be able to train on that date, hth xxx
    Hi Toni
    Thanks for letting me know so soon hun,
    just let me know which date you think will be best for you and we can book you in for then xxx
    Hi, Brisa is a great gel to work with and good results. you will enjoy the day. Would you do me a favour and ask Clare for me about brush storage. Ask her that i have got a silver creative box for my brushes, have you got to have 2 boxes one for gel brushes and one for acrylic brushes, or can you put them in same box as they have there own little bit to lay in anyway? Have a great day on friday n let us know how you get on,good luck xx
    they have sent you the directions to the enterprise centre yes? yep there is a reception area for your mum to wait in the morning, just make sure she's got a couple of mags/book with her xx see u soon
    toni thanks for all the comments on my nails hunny xxxx looking forward to meeting you next week .. hope you've got lots of ??? ready !!!!!! xx going to be a fab day !!! see you very soon x btw way had a look at your nails .. wow looking very good girl ! looking forward to seeing them in the flesh xxxx anything you need before next week drop me a bell ok? XXX
    that a great age your still young !!!!!! you will have a ball, i cant wait till i have had my baby so i can have a good night out i havent had a drink for 16 weeks!! haha xx
    your welcome hun :) ive been great thanks feeling bit better than i have been lately so thats all good. you ok?

    x :hug:
    oh great i have a few friends that work there, bet you cant wait 4 ur birthday how old r u, i go 2 roby collage its great i will b sad 2 leave xx
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