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  • hi, am from kirkby (the dodgy part hahah) good 2 c ur still in love with lpool lol do you still come down to visit now and then , am not working at the mo just finishin my l2 beauty in collage only got till may left haha xx
    Hi do know I was just being cheeky..right?
    Oh and we have ALL done the post after a few vinos thing :o:....thank goodness for the delete and edit buttons lol:lol:
    Hi Toni
    Its fine i don't mind at all, i have put you in the diary for sun 24th may,
    my training centre address is
    Essential Beauty
    43 Bradford Rd
    West Yorkshire
    BD18 3DS

    salon 01274 594775
    mobile 0775 8410884

    can you either give ma a call or let me have a contact number of yours so i can ring you,
    just need to chat about which kit you would like so i can make sure i have everything in place for you on the day,
    Louise xxx
    ill post a thread when ive got the money to do it :) well i had it cut kinda it hasnt been finished because we never had enough time in the lesson so im walking around wit my hair half cut and long bits at the front lol im going to take my layers shorter though because i never took them as short as the picture....ill take a pic when its finished lol

    Hi Toni
    Here is a group of dates that i am available,
    mon 11th may
    sun 24th may
    sun 31st may
    mon 1st june
    sun 7th june
    mon 8th june
    sun 14th june

    i have thrown some sundays in there as im sure it would be better for you if you don't have to book a day off work and lose any wages,
    you have a look and take your pick,
    you will need to bring a model with you for you to work on also,
    hth Louise xxx
    You are welcome to come to Yorkshire for the training, and it would be better for you as it would be on a 1 to 1 basis,
    you sound very eager to get on with the training so if you let me have some dates that would be best for you i will let you know which date i can do,
    i teach on most days, but Mondays seem to be popular with trainees as this means they don't have to take time away from their clients,
    you just let me know and we will take it from there xxx
    nah i dont do tans i was going to do a course when i have the money but need someone around lincolnshire which trains up in tanning

    Hi Toni
    The deposit for the flirties is £50, i will be down in Market Harborough at the end of April/ early May to hold a group class,
    this would be closer for you than coming to Yorkshire so you can join us on that class if you want to,
    if you are interested let me know and i will let you have the date when i have the room that we will be using confirmed x
    Thanks for your comment on my pic hun,
    she wouldn't fight anyone, she is one of the sweetest people i have had the pleasure to meet x

    lol shoes are from new look hun x
    thanks hun i got them off google/photo bucket was trying to find a style because im sick of having the same one lol trying to get back to my adventerous days lol might even have my hair pink and purple aswell lol

    could you go to the forums and click on hair and find the post that ive recently put and just tell me out of which picture 1 2 or 3 you prefer the most

    im good thanks hun :) jus bleaching my hair again as it went abit ginger yesterday lol would you be able to do me a favour??

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