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  • Not bad looking forward to a couple of CND conversion courses Im doin in April- cant wait!! Watching TV with my boy next to me asleep :) hows u? x
    go on to your "my profile" then "about me" and in the list it should say systems and you just slick on the little pen/pencil and you can put in what systems your trained in :) hope this helps hun if you have any more problems just message me :)

    hey hun! aww cute my doggy is my baby lol couldnt live without him hes like a cute teddy bear,i live in grantham not that far away from lincoln :) trying to think where market rasen is ive heard of it but cant think where its near, thanks for the friend request hun ive accepted you :)

    we do offer conversion courses that are much cheaper than the full course,
    if you send me your email address i will send over the leaflet to you that shows prices etc
    Louise xxx
    I live off Brant Road in Lincoln, on the way to Waddington, like having geeks from Lincolnshire on here its fab!!
    Sue x
    thank you for your picture comments and welcome to the site, have a good read at all the tutorials on the site .. lots of very good info to be found it will help you no end xx If I can help you in anyway drop me a bell xx
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