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    It's good to be back on The Nail Geek

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    Sussex Geek meet??????

    Hi all 25th June works for me :green: Jeni
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    Sussex Geek meet??????

    Did I miss the Geek Meet?
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    Anyone in Haywards Heath or nearby?

    Hi Gemma That's okay. So do I!!! :lol:
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    1-2-1 Today - Feeling all inspired

    I had some 1-2-1 training with Denise Holland at the Crawley Academy last week and it really was the best money I've spent. It encouraged, inspired and gave me confidence. Well worth it
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    where did you hear about the nail geek?

    My trainer at CND recommended it when I was doing my L&P Foundation course a couple of years ago. I've learned loads from this site and its a great source of entertainment when I'm bored. The little Virtual Friend.
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    Anyone in Haywards Heath or nearby?

    I need someone to practice on and happy to be practiced on :rolleyes:
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    And now I'm going to have to go out and get some chocolate. And I haven't even got PMT at the moment. Yum! :lol:
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    I sympathise with you completely! I get PMT REALLY bad!!! After reading the last thread on PMT, I went to my doctors and was ready to start taking Prozac! But she talked some sense into me and suggested I up my Calcium intake, and get some Agnus Castus. No idea if it will work, but willing...
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    first proper client!!!!

    Well done! I've yet to take that step. But I had 2 hours one-to-one with Denise Holland at the Creative Nail Academy, West Sussex last week which was brilliant. Worth every penny. My technique has already improved beyond belief, so I am feeling alot more confident to let myself loose on a...
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    Sussex Geek meet??????

    Oh no. If it's the 4th of June, I won't be able to make it. I've signed up to do the Burgess Hill Bike Ride that day :irked: . Nutter or wot!!! Free any other Sunday though. I'd love to meet some local Geeks. Jeni
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    Any horse riders out there???

    I am a complete novice and have not done alot, but I love horse riding. A work colleague and friend from my "day job" has 3 ponies and a big girl called Bess for her husband, in the New Forest. I went to visit them for a couple of days just before Easter and we went out riding. It is soooooo...
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    ANZAC day

    Happy Anzac Day from a fellow antipidian. I'm from Kiwiland but have lived in the UK since 1988! So I guess you could call me a Piwi :green:
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    Sussex Geek meet??????

    I'm also pretty flexible. The only firm commitment I have at the moment in May is some one-to-one training with Denise Holland on May 12th. Jeni