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    Descriptive business name

    Hi All, Im just wondering if anyone could advise regarding choosing a decriptive business name. I am qualified in a few different holistic therapies, nailv treatments and have sports injuries certificate. I dont offer beauty treatments so was wondering how i can collaborate what i do and make...
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    Gel FX over builder gel?

    Hi Sorry for the delay in replying. I applied the tip blended the tip using acetone and a file. I then brushed of the dust and cleansed the nail, applied the buider gel removed the tacky layer after curing and the applied the gel fx following the steps for that product. Would it have been...
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    Gel FX over builder gel?

    3. I was told darker colours may need another layer. Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    Gel FX over builder gel?

    Here's the picture attached below.
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    Gel FX over builder gel?

    I have just used my nail trainer to try an extension with a tip and builder gel, then using Orly Gel FX. However the colour looks a little patchy and i was wondering if this would be because of the builder gel or my brush tecnique? Picture to follow cannot upload via phone for some reason. Sent...
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    Natural nail side walls lifting

    Thank you. I will have a look for the book. He does not do vigorous exercise and has not been on antibiotics but he has been leaving his nails longer than usual as they seemed to be starting to ingrow and they felt sensitive in the corners when cut shorter. So perhaps its trauma from shoes...
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    Natural nail side walls lifting

    Thank you Geeg I will take that into consideration, however the most recent occassion was on males toenails (who has not had enhancements), he does also have marks that look like the nail is flaking however it is not. Please see below picture. Any advise greatly apreciated.
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    Natural nail side walls lifting

    Can anyone advise if natural nails would lift at the side walls due to bad clipping or filing or if it could be due to poss health issues or trauma. I have seen this on toe nails and finger nails. Sent from my GT-P1000 using SalonGeek
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    Glitter L&P infills

    Is there any videos of this method. If so i would be interested in a link etc please. Sent from my GT-P1000 using SalonGeek
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    Reverse method

    Can you please explain why you apply the tips after applying the pink and not before applying any l&p? Sent from my GT-P1000 using SalonGeek
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    Shellac wearing away at the free edge

    Can i ask if your likely to get lifting if you cut down the length of the free edge with clippers and then file. Im refering to doing this with products such as shellac and gel over tips etc. Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    Glitter L&P infills

    Hi Geeg, Are you using an electric file to do this. Im not trained in using them and would be interested how it is done manually. Sent from my GT-P1000 using SalonGeek
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    Straight edge nail clippers

    I was just wondering how many people use straight edge nail clippers as they don't seem to be a easily available as the usual curved ones. I prefer using them but cannot find any with a rubber grip any suggestions would be appreciated. Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    Do I need a manicure qualification?

    I think some insurance companies may expect you to take part in training or attend seminars on a yearly basis to keep up to date with your knowlegdge. Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    UV-cured polish peels and chips and shrinks and wrinkles? Does it?

    What an interesting thread. Although i am trained in gel and l&p i do find that buying gel polishes easy without being asked to show proof of my qualifications. I hear lots of people say oh i do my own nails and buy the products online when they have no qualifications, which annoys me esp...