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  • hi hun saw ur post about treatment sawp im a hairdresser and lash technician check out my facebook page for pics
    Hi I've popped over from SG to like your page in return could you like mine too x

    Welcome to Facebook

    If u could in return send mea link and maybe we could swap some treatments x
    Pics look great hun, shame they were small but still looked fab. Funny how tweezers worked for you, dont think I could've mastered that! Thanks for letting me know how you got on and let me know when you try some new colours (pics please) as I havent done that myself and would love to see it.

    Good luck with the pedi's and the bump babe xxxx
    I'm using my couch for pedi's now too cos it's alot more comfortable for me now i'm bigger. My clients love it because they are semi reclined and can doze while i apply the crystals as it takes a while!!!

    I was dying to get my crystals delivered the first time too! I am sooo impatient and impulsive so I find it hard to wait!

    It really didn't feel like it took that long to do either because I find it relaxing to do. I did purchase a special tool to pick up the gems but it was useless and i found using an orange stick dampened is much quicker. I suppose the most effective way is to have a really damp gauze pad next to you to keep the end damp or use a dappen dish (or combine the two). Some other geeks use blue tac on the end etc but you'll have to see what works for you. xx
    Yeah that's the one's! Make sure you get plenty, I ordered 100 ss5 (i checked my invoices) and it was enough for a full set but not 2. Probably 1 and a half. It is ss5 AB crystals in my pic and I used romantique Shellac (pale sheer pink) as a base colour as it gave a cleaner look than my natural nail bed colour and helped to hide the gaps. Good Luck, cant wait to see some pics xxxx
    Hi love, I'm not sure which size is smaller ss5 or ss7 but it is the smaller of the two and although it takes longer with smaller ones it looks sooooo much better. The colour on my toes is the 'aurora' I think which is like clear with a rainbow/mother of pearl finish. I like this colour because they are a bit warmer and more flesh toned so I think they look nicer but the clear ones are nice too. Clear ones give a more silvery over all finish which is very BLING but can look a little harsh imo. Get the flat backed 'non hotfix' crystals if you order from beadsandcrystals xxx Let me know if i can help any more xxx
    Hi there!

    yes OMG do sell a non fragrence range of solution. Its just called 'original'. we have it in 9%, 12%, 16% and 20%. it really is very nice! There is no difference in the colouring of the solution in the different fragrances. If you sprayed with a 9% original and a 9% coconut, the finishing result would be the same! its just the smell
    I can send you some samples in a mixed pack, so you can try each one! pm me your address and i wil getthem out to you asap!

    Betsy x
    hey hun....
    thanks for the add :) and the link!
    will definately be getting hold of a few to start once ive ran out of my other ones! thank you very much and i will let you know :)
    lotsa love x
    omg i remember that now, she sounded like a complete nightmare!!

    i'm glad it made you feel better, there's only so much bending over backwards you can do for some people before you just give up. i think it's harder when you're on your own because there isn't anybody for you to talk to about a certain client and you start to think you're just being picky LOL. you may have lost one client but you'll gain far more i'm sure! :D

    congrats congrats congrats on your lil bumble bee! :D everybody seems to be rawking a bump right now! is this your first? x
    "have i done the right thing thread?" you made me feel it is ok not to worry about the client who demanded to have treatments at her house when i have a beauty treatment room in my house. Needless to say i havent heard from her. I am a bit relieved actually lol!
    i'm going to sound so rude now but i can't even remember what i said to you :o i've had a sleep since then haha :D sorry for sounding rude. x
    Hey Hon,

    Just going through the service swaps to see if anyone in my area! I live in Loughton Essex and would be happy to do your lashes if you would do mine!!
    My mobile is 07768044256. Lorraine aka Beautymamma
    hi just done fake bake cream and spray could u tell me what machine to use with the spray as the fb machine is expensive any help would be great thanks
    You got it!!!

    Because of it's size it will probably be heavy, but I'll see what the best price I can get. What address should I send it to?

    D x
    Hello! I've got all the stuff, so I'll be putting it together tonight and can probably post it tomorrow (sorry for the delay - I've been swamped over here this week!)

    Just to clarify, did you want one holder that holds 50 bottles (25 each side), or did you want two smaller ones? (one of your posts mentioned you wanted two holders, so I just wanted to make sure!). I've got enough supplies for both!

    Just let me know by tonight so I make the right ones for you!
    Talk soon
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