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  • wow.. go for it!.. i live in paphos. i empathise with your boyfriend... 20 yrs here and i still struggle with the heat! x
    I was just over there in June n going back 24th Aug for another 2 weeks, boyfriend is living there at min n does nowt but complain bout the heat, lol! He's coming over here for a few months when I come back in Sept, then we're both going back for good in Jan!
    Where abouts are you in S.Cyprus hun? x
    yeh, your probably right! my head is buzzing from all this new techno knowledge! have a gr8 weekend. Think we are heading for the beach.. too hot to do anything else x
    Well done tori!

    I knew you would get there - you will be sick of messages now :lol:
    message to my visitors!.. i,m getting there! having help from my daughter on how messaging works! its easy when you know how! x
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