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  • yeah i work there full time, i live up alma park i was looking for someone who could give me a massage lol sometimes my back is killing me plus ive got loads of knots that need some attention x
    ive started working at eden hall but still unsure whether to do mobile also...where in grantham are you from? you do nail enhancements dont you and also massage? x
    Hi sweetie, it is totally dependant on your market. I have a small salon within an indoor market so cannot charge high end. I also have a polish lady charging £10 per set at the other end of the market so have tough competition. Have a look at my website hun, hopefully it'll help but be aware my prices are not practical for everyone. I would charge £28 if i did not have the other nail salon to contend with x
    hey ive just seen your post about eve taylor products, im also from grantham...i think they train at peterborough, i got my eve taylor training included in my beauty courses at grantham college.
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