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  • opps that link didn't work, here it is Nail Art Glitter Including Iridescent & Holographic 5g 10g & 20g .008 Ultra Fine | eBay
    Hi Tracey, thanks for the picture comment.

    I painted on the base colour as usual (2 coats) and then put a slightly thicker, but still thin, coat of my second colour on. Before curing, I used a dotting tool and dotted drips of D.Solve/Harmony Gel Cleanser on to that uncured coat which created this effect. Cure and finish off with Top Coat as usual. Hope that explains it. x

    Colours used in the picture are, l-r:

    (Dabbed on close to each other) Don't Be Such A Sourpuss, Sugar n' Spice, You're Such A Sweet Tart, covered with Caution.
    Sugar n' Spice covered with Star Burst.
    Red Roses covered with Black Shadow.
    Seafoam covered with Mint Icing.
    Eur So Chic covered with Meet Me In Milano.
    Sugar Daddy covered with Caution.
    You're very welcome and thank you :) i'm still having good days and bad days but i'll get there. I've often enjoyed looking through your gorgeous pictures too, very inspiring xxx
    Just checked out your album your nails are fab I'm very jelous. Defiantly the standard I would like to get to one day :) x
    Hi Tracey, you mention on your profile that you trained with Nsi products with a lady called Denise, where did you do this hun? :) x
    just had a look at your album- fantastic! Do you mind explaining how you "filled the gap" after using white tips on "Jade" please? Did the product not run onto clients skin?

    Tracey I love your nails. I'm newly licensed and working with acrylic and gels. Any help you could give me I would be so grateful. I have mostly Young Nail products, soak off and file off gels. As for acrylics, I need help with the smile line. Do you do it free hand or use a tool? I hope you respond to me.
    Thank you for nice comment. Im happy you liked my work. I wanna say- you have many nice nails done too! thx again:) :*
    They are all beautiful colours, the opaque pink and the normal pink are both fantastic too, i've been really impressed so far. xxx
    Hi, thanks for your nice comment. It is a natural powder from Harmony Fusion L&P, no tips used xxxxxx
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