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Tracey Park
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  • Yep, needs changing, is out of date.. it was when that cheeky mare told me I had no understanding of the industry... lol... hmmm... methinks I'd rather have MY understanding, my clients seem to appreciate it! :hug: xx
    Thanks Tracey. It's difficult isn't it to remain unbiased, because we all like the wax we use.....or we wouldn't use it. xxx
    Hi Tracey i didn't do well, i had a call 10 Min's into the comp to let me know my dad had been taken into hospital and wont be coming back out so my mind was not in doing nails at all,
    i placed 4th in tip and overlay and 8th in the salon challenge,
    i was just glad when the comps were over so i could go and use my phone to find out properly what was going on with him xxx
    Hi Tracey! Great to see you at GMex :hug: Hope you have a fab time in Brum xx
    Lol, I love to have a little rant every now and again. :hug:
    What you up to at GMex? PM me! x
    tracey can i ask you a question about the berins many full brazilians can you get out of a bag of berins blue hot wax?i can only get 3 and a half, is this about right or am i maybe applying it too thick or something?
    Hi Tracey
    I was just wondering, have you posted out the waxing DVD`s yet as i have not had my copies hun xxx
    Hi there, thanks for your reply...really appreciate it. I felt really good after I read it! Am anxiously awaiting my Berins Wax. My husband has agreed to let me do his bits!!!! Sophia x He must be after something!!!
    Hi again Tracey
    it was great to meet you and everyone else and i really enjoyed it ALL, you will see me down at gmex, i will be busy on the sunday (lets hope my nail skills are as good on that day lol) but i am coming to the get together at the hotel and then i will be pestering you all on the stand on the monday xxx
    It is so cool... everyone loving the quickness and long lasting effect. Gorgeous shot of you above BTW... really cute! As to friends... I wasnt aware but there you go... now we are!!
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