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  • Thanks hun, I booked it having it done at 10am on Friday, YAH i CANT WAIT...Your right about it being adictive this willbe my 7th and I have more I want doing...the roses one in my profile is a cover job, she did a great job on that. Will post pics when she's done anyway
    Your'e welcome. Are they hand painted over acrylic? Ive only been trained with Creative for about a month but looking at other peoples work is really inspirational.
    Thank you for the comment on my pic, didnt think anyone would look on my page at them lol , :o)
    I thought Miekes were amazing, and don't know why they didnt win ...
    But even though brisa is a file off gel, it is soooooo easy to file, (I have only just learned gel 2 weeks ago so this is new to me)
    I was dreading filing mine off the other day and it was a lovely surprise how easy it was,
    You can see clearly too where the product is and the final layer buffs off so easy with a koala or boomerang, so no need to worry :hug:
    I can't comment on others of course, but yeah Brisa is lovely to work with.
    I am really looking forward to the OPI too though, I LOVE colours so I'm really excited xx
    thanks lol this sites pretty gd ! you at col or qualified? im just doing a basic nvq 2 at he moment but i got trained with dior makeup when i was working in a store and so thinking after my lvl3 that i might go to do makeup after . do u specialise in anything in particular? xcharl
    Hi Tracey! I know you from Facebook, of course!
    We are launching our Gel ranges soon, both Buff off and Soak off. Haven't got exact dates, but shouldn't be too long......
    We're also about to launch another 10 acrylic colour collections......
    Havnt got it sorted yet hun, Im on the bones of me bum at the moment hehe,Ive just been charging it while its off and using it on battery for the time being! Got to be something to do with the charger or the outlet that you plug it into? xx
    hey hun how are you? nope not yet they best hurry though i cant wait much longer lol! oOo congrats hun!!!! what kind of further training you wanting to do?

    Thanks for the pic comments.
    I'm too stingy to buy more tips for the nail trainer so a blit of blue tack comes in very handy lol
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