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  • sure is!!! havent even had my enquiries about the course answered yet! lol well ive been offered to do level 3 beauty either the general or massage route ot sure which i fancy doing yet though

    hey hun!! how are you? !i got a letter from college today saying they have got my application for the nail services and they will contact me with an interview date for the summer wooooooooooo so im deffo getting a interview lol!!!

    Hi, help needed!! Have my ex partners WIFE coming 2 get her Nails done nxt wk!! She is very perfect n pretty etc n makes me feel None of them lol! She has her own nails n im at a loss what to do, thinking caps on AGAIN!!
    Hi, o feel guilty now lol, hubby has just arranged for me to have a nail cabin built in the garden whoop whoop, think its cos he hates the smell haha, Yippee another girly project, any ideas? x
    thats great...theres probaly 200/300 post comming down to you...make sure you get peeps to pay your postage as it will mount up.
    Yep its good to recycle..especialy if someone finds them usefull ;0))
    Hey Tracey can you keep me in mind for a few of those pots sound great for glitter powders - I'm in Ireland so I'll send you a fiver for posting. Thanks
    Hi hon, tnx for t comments u left! Im gettin on ok wiv my camera but it defo not worth the money my gullible hub paid for it lol!!(noticed on Bank Statement £400!!) I could of bought tons of Nail Stuff with that haha, the paints i use just vary, some from craft shops but most from various nail sites, just ur average Nail Art paint, hate it tho cos it dries up very quickly in our house with the heat. xx
    hey babe u ok? i found u but still dont knwo how to use this thing lol. how dod u put a display pic up?? mwah Dave x
    Thanks for the rep point Tracey...pots will be with you monday..if there suitable maybe you could do a posting..
    Hi Tracey
    Can you tell me where in Worcester you are doing your NVQ2 in nails as I know someone who lives there and would like to do it.
    Many thanks
    yep im fine and dandy thanks :) me too lol im going in town today to pick a few bitz up and go job hunting cya soon

    lol im always learning the hard way! yeah ill go buy it if i get on the course :) ive been looking on youtube at videos and also on here at tutorials and gallerys and also been doing abit of practicing on my nail trainerr wit l&p
    thanks for all the info and help hun your a star night

    it says about reduced fees if your on benefits but i dont fancy going on benefits and im trying to look for a job at the min but it isnt going so great! well ive applied really early as the applications only come out 2 weeks ago and i sent mine in last week so i hope i do get a placement :) be able to give me some tips then lol :)

    hey hun thanks for replying on the forum i just hope i get an interview soon and get on the course im so excited about it lol!!! did you get any help buying kits
    Hi Tracey - Would you be interested in a self-employed nail tech job in Kington? It is a new salon and I think there might be good opportunities there. Let me know xx
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