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  • Hi Tracey How's Things.

    Managed to sort out my course for next year I am only doing the waxing module and then i'm done hurrah!

    Still haven't enrolled yet though....
    aww thanks for the piccy comment hunni, yes "only" 15 lol couldnt help it, they're so luvvly :D hehe x
    On average its 50ml for a full body tan, i can do a size 16 in about 35-40ml

    Its all about how you have your gun and machine set.

    Hiya, i'm all excited as my sister-in-law had a baby boy last night he weighed in at a whopping 8lb 10oz ! She's really petite, so amazed she had him naturally although she's been sitting on an ice pack ever since lol ! They have named him Callum :) x
    Thanks for coming into college with me last Thursday. All practical is finished now - Hurrah! Just gotta get my portfolio in then i'm done!
    Hey chick,
    stopped by, thought i'd say hello, if you fancy a laugh check out the thread about a spray tan tech charging according to dress size ! I kid you not :)
    About 7 if thats ok its just a brow tint and lash perm and i'll do a lash tint as well cause thats a nice treatment! Thanks a million your a star! x
    Spoke to my tutor last night about picking up an extra module instead of the mani and pedi one and I've got to ring Sara next week to ask about it so fingers crossed!

    Might be needing a model for eye treatments next Thursday if your free it shouldn't take too long half an hr to 45 mins max x
    Ohhhh yes I might need to call on you next week if thats ok! Same goes as well if ever you need a model my nails are always free lol!
    Thats good having time to spare at the end! I still have 1 facial left to do which will hopefully be signed off tonight and then just a few eye treatments which I can hopefully do next week! I just struggle with getting Models with living in Dudley!

    Do our college do airbrushing courses on a Sat? I'm sure I've seen them! I got my new prospectus delivered yesterday and I'm sure they were in there! x
    Thanks hunni, it's Gaelic for Grace :) I used to hate it when i was little ! I'm all about the nails too, that's why i thought i'd better start posting x
    Thats what I was thinking because next yr I only have to do the waxing module (got Mani and pedi from previous courses) but I still think I have to pay full tuition fees so if I could do waxing and make up that would be perfect!! How many assesments do you have left? x
    Oh maybe thats a different Lucy we have 2 groups on a thursday! I really want to do the make up course they dropped it from our course! Actually thats given me a little brain wave! x
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