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  • I couldn't get to Gmex so the next one will be Excel again, money permitting!! I am entering Strut Your Stuff though, just need to get the email off......
    hey hunnio..... sorry totally forgot to call you back earlier..... spoke to georgie and she said to bring the kit you have and they will sort it all their end with head office etc... you will still get your brush on sun too, yay :)
    see you soon
    j xoxoox
    You noticed then! I have been upto LOADS..... Training, Training and more Training and now I'm an Educator W-Hoo!
    The funny thing is that it is with Gels.... You know how I felt about gel - faff, faff, faff.......
    But the LeChat Gels are brilliant to use, not faffing needed Lol.
    I'm very happy :)

    BTW, I wasn't taking the P - I love TT.... I've seen them 3 times... I was called Mrs Orange in high school Lol..... And Mrs Gallagher - but that's another story!
    I'm fine :)
    Yes I'm back for good.... Lol - I feel a Take That sing song coming on!!
    We seriously need to catch up, it's been AGES. How's life?
    Hello hunny...just a huge hug and thank you for sponsoring me! It means the world to me (and Morgandie) to be able to do this - just a little 'repayment' for all the care she had! And means even more with all your support. Love n hugs to you all xxx
    Congrats to you too! Just a flying visit I'm afraid.... visiting the parents, so quickly taking advantage of the PC while I can!
    well done on your place Tracey .. must have been horrid waiting for them to re judge 234 !!! I didn't realize it was you (and glamnails your model!!) when I was talking to vetty xx but was clapping from the back when you got your place xx
    for the size of the place its nt a bad price compared to here iykiwm but i reckon it would need loads of work done
    always looked a bit unfinished to me..... mind you my place still isnt finished yet and ive been here 3 yrs!!! lol
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